“The doctor said my mom should have had an abortion.”
-Sum 41, “Fat Lip”

Happy 2014!  There’s no need to throw your goals out the window quite yet.

I think it’s obvious, some people needed to be aborted when their parents had the opportunity.

Like this guy…
Photo provided by

And this guy…
Stupid Guy
Photo provided by Sick  of Em

And this guy…
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How rude.  However, recent events in Albuquerque have pushed the limitations of what is right and wrong (kind of like the beginning of this post).

The voters in the Duke City rejected a ban that would prohibit late-term abortions (20+ weeks into a pregnancy).  I really have no opinion in the matter because it doesn’t involve me, but I know that it’s important to the public so let’s kill some time and make some choices (bad wording; or clever?).

Political agendas seem to focus on situations like abortion and gay marriage that are miniscule in comparison to the actual issues that need to be addressed.  However, if you can distract the voters from budget issues, healthcare, poverty, and tax increases then it’s surprisingly easier to gain the attention of a broader and pretentious audience only wanting to hear pleasant-sounding promises of equality and freedom to choose.

During the fight for gay marriage, I asked five homosexuals (see, I can be politically correct) their views on the potential legalization; two of them didn’t even care.  Concerning the abortion ban, I have two friends that have ended pregnancies early, but they were well before the time period that was proposed in the rejected ban.  Out of all the people I know, that’s a whopping seven individuals who are affected by the two issues that have crazed Americans throughout most of 2013.  100% of people I know are affected by finances and healthcare.  Where are our priorities?

Let’s get back to what matters though.  Sometimes people fight to have a voice and make a difference, sometimes people fight just to fit in with their peers, and sometimes people fight because they have nothing else to do, but we’re all expected to have an opinion.  Like the screaming lady pictured below.  For some reason, I don’t like her and her reaction.
Early poll results from the Andaluz hotel on the special election
Photo provided by Albuquerque Journal

Why is she so damn ecstatic?  Is she ready to abort her 20+ week fetus?  You won’t see me protesting or protesting protesters to prove that I know everything because I still don’t, so we will look at abortion from a couple of angles.

Religious values and science once again disagree; however, each makes valid arguments.  Who is anyone to play God?  Does everyone deserve a fighting chance? Miracles happen, so why can’t it happen to this child or this woman?  It’s a moral issue that many people don’t understand despite their belief in their knowledge of belief.  When one doesn’t have faith or an intelligent grasp on others’ beliefs then they’re more likely to focus on their best interest, which is fine, people are entitled to believe in whatever they are best suited for.  If there’s no representation of God as some suggest, then they can make the decision on their own.

A woman’s body is sacred (can’t mix religion with medicine here); okay, a woman’s body is pretty sweet.  If there‘s the risk that the mother or the child will not survive the birth and one must make the ultimate sacrifice then the reasoning makes sense.  However, the ban made an exception for situations in which the mother would die without the abortion (Bassett, 2013).  Okay, so, what else were people fighting for?

Non-supporters of the ban shouldn’t be allowed to play the rape (not race) card.  It doesn’t take 20 weeks to realize you were raped; it takes about 20 minutes and a little sobriety.

Another situation that could arise is the possibility of the child being born with mental or physical abnormalities.  This is a very sensitive subject because the decision needs to be made whether or not to give them a chance while understanding the difficulty they will experience in life, and the complicated journey of raising a child with disabilities.  However, Tim (pictured below) kind of proved everyone wrong on that one.  He owns a restaurant; I know a lot more than seven people who are incapable of doing the same.
Photo provided by Tim’s Place (Albuquerque)

On the other hand, there’s occasionally the guarantee that a child will not survive after birth and that diagnosis isn’t discovered until later in the pregnancy.  Should a person give birth with hope of a miracle or accept fate and not risk the life of the woman as well?

So what exactly is right and wrong?  Is it right or wrong to say that some people should have been aborted?  Is it right or wrong to distract voters by using political strategies?  Is it right or wrong to take away one heartbeat to save another depending on the situation?  Is it right or wrong to prevent misery and despair?  Is it right or wrong to play God?

Those questions are for you to answer and me not to worry about because most hot topics don’t apply to me; and they really don’t apply to many others.  If we want to preach equality or freedom to choose, try focusing on something that applies to everyone; gay, straight, black, white, female, male, and whoever else.  For example:

Percentage of gay and lesbian Americans: 3.5% (Gates, 2011)
Percentage of late-term abortions: 2% of 35% (Dudley, 2003) (I’m too lazy to do the rest of the math)
Percentage of Americans that are taxed, affected by deficit, and should have healthcare: 100%

Let’s start the New Year by getting our priorities in order.

Bassett, L. (2013). Retrieved from              on January 3, 2014

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  1. “It doesn’t take 20 weeks to realize you were raped; it takes about 20 minutes and a little sobriety.” To say this, you do not understand rape. Denial can be very powerful and misunderstandings can last for years. A minor in a relationship with an adult may never accept that she was raped, despite the law being clearly defined and well known. When I was raped by my first boyfriend I knew something bad had happened, but I did not think of it as “rape” until almost 3 years later. I didn’t realize other incidents had also been rape until a year and a half after I broke up with him. I’m now 27 years old and intelligent, yet denial was still powerful. I still lacked understanding. Especially when rape is coercive, manipulative, and non-violent it is not understood.

    • I do understand the psychological aspect of rape and the factors that emerge afterwards (sooner and later), so I must apologize for the misunderstanding. The over-exaggeration was not meant to be in bad taste, and I’m sorry about the situation you went through. However, the post was about abortion and priorities that are more relatable to the nation as a whole, not rape, and I’m neither for nor against the ban. Now with that being said, if a child was conceived during a period that could or couldn’t have been considered rape until a trigger made the feelings of uncertainty surface years later, what happens to the child who is now an infant? I think that 20-38 weeks is a tough timetable psychologically to make a serious life-decision like having an abortion. Once again, I’m sorry for the comment and your past situation.

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