“She’s a killer queen, Gunpowder, gelatin, Dynamite with a laser beam, Guaranteed to blow your mind, Anytime.”
-Queen, “Killer Queen”

So begins another wonderful chapter in the technological advancement of our nation; the nation of freedom, opportunity, growth, privilege, support, charity, and power; the nation of teens answering online advertisements for “companionship”, lying about their age and marital status, then tag-teaming victims to death. Oh, what a county indeed. The only thing that’s separating the first world from the third world at the moment is data usage.

It’s bad enough citizens can’t drink the water in West Virginia. That’s an all-time low, even for the Mountain State. I think we need to revaluate that title. How about the “Hilly State”? If we’re doing that, we may as well just add “Billy” to the equation. It will come to you.

However, this isn’t some ghetto in India of a Carribean island that shouldn’t be visited outside of a five-star resort for safety and health purposes. If that’s the case, people should just stay in America; bad water gives it that island feel. 300,000 people in Charleston, WV were left without access to clean water after a chemical spill on January, 9th, 2014 (Gabriel, 2014). Take at look at what they had to resort to.

WV 1
Photo Courtesy of NY Times

Check out the guy rocking the Mountaineer’s sweatshirt. You have to represent no matter what the situation is. However, not only can that guy not get water, but he can’t even answer classified ads or put himself out there to find his true love for the night because of people like this.

Photo Courtesy of

Miranda and Elytte (don’t name your kids something weird of they will turn out weird) Barbour admitted to the slaying of Troy LaFerrera, who they contacted through Craigslist. In a testimony, Miranda went on to say that she has murdered at least 22 people over the last six years from Alaska to North Carolina (Frizell, 2014) , seriously contaminating the entire county. She’s obviously a chemical spill of imbalance (see what I did there? Eh, not my best). She even told authorities that if released, she will kill again.

The Pennsylvania girl attempted to link herself to Satanism, but the misunderstood religion’s spokesman, Lucien Greaves (name by birth?), told reporters that the organization has no affiliation with the girl, and doesn’t support her actions in any way; it is a lawful church (Savastio, 2014). For those who don’t know, Satanists don’t necessarily worship Satan; they are more like atheists in a sense. However, some do look at the figure as a god (pre-fallen angel and pre-Jehovah), but most are in agreement that Satan is more symbolic and fictional, and practitioners celebrate themselves as own “gods”. They have rules and values just like every other religion.

more you know
Photo Courtesy of

Anyway, Miranda is a different breed; a young female serial killer; she is only 19 years of age. There are different factors that contribute to the actions of psychopath. They could have had an abusive childhood experience, they could develop mental conditions such as paranoid schizophrenia or extreme sexual fetishes, stress disorders, social or environmental influences, genetics, decreased connectivity of the amygdale and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (what?) causing weak emotions, or whatever other option is proving that psychologists still have trouble depicting what exactly makes a psychopath (Brogaard, 2012).

Miranda could be struggling with moral sensibility, claiming that she only killed “bad” people; comparing herself to Dexter Morgan, a FICTIONAL CHARACTER who was portrayed by Michael C. Hall on the hit Showtime series. She didn’t want to follow the rules though she understood what she was doing, yet she wanted others to act appropriately as society intended them to. Contradiction is an ugly trait; even for people trying to hook up on Craigslist.

However, this could be just a combination of teenage know-it-all angst with stupidity with the seclusion of networking and easy access to private matters. As much as the nation is advancing in technology, and as much as society is praising the easy lifestyle, it may just be creating careless psychopaths.

Now, people are having trust issues. Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Christopher Dorner, the mall shootings, the school shootings, knockout games, racial assumptions and vengeful intentions, the DC shootings awhile back, and all the people in jail (a little over 1.5 million inmates) have placed the possibility of tragedy happening anywhere at any time in the frightened minds of the populace. The serial killers of past are rolling in their graves at the recklessness of crime in the modern era.

What’s the point of having a good time if you can’t tell out-of-taste jokes or search for sex through classified ads? Have you ever read those things and the missed connections? Maybe it will bring a little humor back into your life so everyone isn’t on edge anymore.

You can’t drink the water in West Virginia, and you can’t trust teenage girls from Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s a regional thing; they do border each other. Nah, the third world epidemic is spreading through our first world problems from coast to coast. We’re doing it to ourselves.

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