“Jungle love, it’s drivin’ me mad, It’s makin’ me crazy.”
-Steve Miller Band, “Jungle Love”

Excitement from a dark horse, an underdog, a favorite, a team with a chip on their shoulder, and two others that have something to prove even though no one is really paying attention to them filled yesterday. Fans are starting to feel the intensity because more is on the line and group standings are becoming closer than what we saw over the weekend.

June 17th, 2014

Belgium 2 Algeria 1: Subs were the key to victory; no, not waffles as you would think, but subs as in substitutes, not the sandwich. I can see where you were confused. Yet another penalty kick in this tournament gave the Algerians an early lead, but two Belgian substitutes struck 10 minutes apart in the 2nd half giving the country the win they expected. The delicious and fluffy win.

Belgium v Algeria
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Brazil 0 Mexico 0: Unlike Monday, this was a much more entertaining draw. Both teams were competing at a high level and both goalies were on their top game, especially Ochoa. Save after save left the Brazilians befuddled and the crowd disappointed. The worst part of the game: Neymar obviously dyed his hair between matches; the best part of the game: the referee wasn’t having any part in the player’s acting abilities. A foul was a foul, and a dive was a dive.

ochoa telegraph co uk
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Russia 1 Korea Republic 1: Another substitute hero, and another draw. It’s as if the first two games of the day had a child, an ignored middle child at best. Russia’s goalkeeping blunder put them in a hole, but they were able to bury an equalizer eventually. They should have had three points, and they luckily escaped with one. Both teams had something to prove, but the South Koreans probably didn’t want to win due to the fact that their neighboring northern nation is a little too close with Russia from a military aspect. Can you imagine those two crazy leaders talking? It was good they tied.

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Today’s Slate:
Australia vs. Netherlands: 12pm EST
Spain vs. Chile: 3pm EST
Cameroon vs. Croatia: 6pm EST


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