“And if that’s what you have in mind, Yeah that’s what you’re all about, Good luck movin’ up, cause I’m movin’ out.”
-Billy Joel, “Movin’ Out”

The second round officially has two games slated for this weekend, and all four teams have multiple strengths. There will be a battle between two countries from the host continents, and a UEFA-CONCACAF match featuring a high-powered offense verse a goalie that poses as a wall at the moment. Teams are beginning to move on out of the group stage to the knockout round where a tie doesn’t exist.

June 23rd, 2014

Spain 3 Australia 0: So that’s what the defending champs were supposed to do. Oh well, too little too late. In a meaningless game between the best team and worst team in the tournament (according to the lame FIFA rankings), the Spaniards dominated in their beautiful fashion, especially apparent on Villa’s goal with some flair. The ageless Torres scored in the 2nd half which is a nice bow out to a great Spanish striker. Tim Cahill and Australia gave the world entertaining goals and exciting games, but the Socceroos are to head home winless. Back to the outback, and time for the country to start paying attention to rugby and not dying from any animal or insect on their continent.

Spain sports ndtv com
Photo courtesy of sports.ndtv.com

Netherlands 2 Chile 0: This match had meaning in the form of seeding, and the Dutch took home the number one spot. Without Van Persie, it seemed the offense struggled until late in the 2nd half when Fer headed home a beautiful cross and a great run and pass by Robben to Depay sealed the deal in stoppage time. The Chileans still advance as the number two seed from the group, but will most likely draw Brazil in their next match. At least one South American team will finally be out of the tournament next week if that’s the case. The stadiums may be safer and not prone to collapsing after whichever team is ousted.

Dutch sports ndtv com
Photo courtesy of sports.ndtv.com

Brazil 4 Cameroon 1: Surprise surprise, the Brazilians won their group for the 9th straight World Cup after a decisive victory. Neymar and his blonde hair had two goals in the first half, Fred was clearly offside on his goal, but no one in the country seems to care obviously, and the last was a wonderful display of passing and teamwork. As predicted in the above paragraph, Brazil will face Chile in what is sure to be a raucous event. Hopefully the stadium can handle the pressure, and hopefully someone actually sells people tickets instead of letting everyone herd in for free like unstoppable cattle, or whatever else they have in the rainforest that comes in herds. Piranhas?

APTOPIX Brazil Soccer WCup Cameroon Brazil
Photo courtesy of theepochtimes.com

Mexico 3 Croatia 1: The last 20 minutes of the match provided all the goooooooooals, the last being a consolation score of the Croatians. Marquez and Hernandez provided two of the goals proving the old guys can still get it done. However, everyone should be concerned that Ochoa let in his first goal of the tournament, who knows what kind of slippery slope out of the taco shell could end up happening. As for now, the fiesta is in full form until they have to take on the Netherlands. From checkers to full on orange, the Mexicans look to take down the colorful Europeans for trying to steal their colorful latin lifestyle.

Mex bleacherreport com
Photo courtesy of bleacherreport.com

Today’s Slate:
Costa Rica vs England: 12pm EST
Italy vs Uruguay: 12pm EST
Greece vs Ivory Coast: 4pm EST
Japan vs Colombia: 4pm EST


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