“All these games you play you’re messin’ with my head, And I don’t know why I stay, I should leave instead.”
-Good Charlotte, “I Don’t Wanna Stop”

This weekend was much too exciting for viewers that stayed until the end of the games. Stoppage time goals and penalty shootouts happened in all but one of the matches. It seems like South America is on a mission to beat themselves, and they obviously don’t like each other for some reason. Come on, neighbor, lighten up. A CONCACAF nation disappointed once again with a major breakdown, but another continued their remarkable run. Players must remember, you don’t let up or stop until the final whistle blows.

June 28th, 2014

Brazil 1 Chile 1 (Brazil 3-2 PK’s): Inches always matter. Watch Any Given Sunday if you don’t agree, and if you don’t get a little motivated then there’s something wrong. The host country received a serious scare over the weekend; Luiz’s goal seemed lucky, they weren’t converting on opportunities, they let emotions get the best of them as the game became physical, they made mistakes that led to a tying goal by Sanchez, and they almost loss in overtime with a hard shot off the crossbar. Cesar and the post saved their World Cup championship dreams on home soil though. Chile fought hard, but now they take the short journey home to their very long country, and back working in the mines hoping they surface another four years later to make the trip to Russia.

FIFA World Cup
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Colombia 2 Uruguay 0: This loss bites. Without Suarez, Uruguay had no offense. The most excitement that happened in their offensive box was when Forlan and Yepes started an old guy shoving and shouting match. Usually maturity comes with age and experience, but the two South Americans were acting like babies; babies with the combined age of like 100. The young guys had to step up, and Rodriguez once again answered the call. He scored both goals, one being a top three strike of the tournament; it’s close between his, Van Persie’s, and Cahill’s. They dance into the quarterfinals to face a physically worn out host. Let the quest for bragging rights begin, and hopefully a war doesn’t start in the Amazon; I’m sure there are some pretty sweet coffee beans deep in the jungle the Colombians desire though, so they may be fighting a little harder on enemy territory.

Colombia v Uruguay: Round of 16 - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
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June 29th, 2014

Netherlands 2 Mexico 1: I guess the Dutch didn’t want to start playing until the last five minutes of the game or so. The first half seemed like an attempt at conserving energy because neither team was being overly aggressive. It wasn’t until early in the second half when Dos Santos beautifully put Mexico ahead, and then late when Sneijder tied the match. Minutes later Robben drew a controversial (maybe a makeup call) penalty kick in stoppage time, and Super-Ochoa couldn’t save the Mexicans again. The Netherlands move on to face the winner of Costa Rica and Greece along with their coach’s bad haircut while Mexico returns to an overpopulated nation. The fiesta will take a siesta for now as the fans put away wrestling masks and sombreros and return to finding ways to get out of their country. It was a nice break for border control.

netherlands bleacherreport com
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Costa Rica 1 Greece 1 (Costa Rica 5-3 PK’s): The small Central American country has done it again, but they beat an undeserving Greece side. Ruiz started off by scoring from the top of the box; a goal that looked like the Greeks had no idea what was going on as it rolled into the corner. However, a stoppage time breakdown by the solid Costa Rican defense left Papastathopoulos wide open to bury a rebound and tie the game up. Seriously, what kind of name is that? Was Snuffleupagus Greek? Anyway, superb goalkeeping by Navas and efficiency by their shooters set them up for a much tougher game against the Netherlands, and it also sent the Greeks back home to watch the rest of the World Cup on television while stuffing their face with gyros and yogurt out of depression.

Costa Rica gettyimages com
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Today’s Slate:
France vs. Nigeria: 12pm EST
Germany vs. Algeria: 4pm EST


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