“’Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby.”
-Wheatus, “Teenage Dirtbag”

The teenage mind is a whirlwind of emotion. The seven deadly sins probably circulate through their thought process on a daily basis, but rarely are acted upon; except when wrath and envy take complete control for no valid reason at all. Sure, the homeless have it pretty sweet in retrospective: they get to sit around, not work, drink all day, and fall into money they somehow waste quicker than a spoiled blonde hotel heir or mentally unstable pop star, but we all have our demons. Some more than others.

Alex Rios, Nathanial Carrillo, and Gilbert Tafoya are about to experience a similar lifestyle, but without the drinking and falling into money. Prison is likely a lifelong landing spot after they are charged with first-degree murder. The boys brutally killed two Native-American homeless men as they slept and hoped to awake to sobriety and a new day of begging. The beating was so violent that the men were unrecognizable due the constant impact from cinder blocks and poles (Boetel, 2014).

The teenagers will be tried as adults and are charged with two open counts of murder, tampering with evidence, three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and robbery. The high school dropouts admitted to attacking 50 other homeless people within the recent months. The boys would not be eligible for parole until after 30 years served (Boetel, 2014).

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Who is the blame for this unacceptable madness? Bill O’Reilly would certainly say it was because they were “born out of wedlock” or whatever because that seems to be his go to excuse, but quite frankly there were probably no parents involved. The school system obviously didn’t care enough to keep them focused on their studies, their peers were involved in their actions, and bouncing around from family member to family member is tough enough at a reunion let alone a living arrangement.

Did the homeless men deserve it somehow? One of the victims’ friends didn’t understand why on earth they would have been attacked saying, “We didn’t do anything. We just drink and sleep.” I have an idea of why someone would be aggravated, but that’s neither here nor there, and it’s definitely not enough reason to take the life of another person. Seriously, who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly alcoholic vagabond that begs for others semi-hard-earned money in order for them to feed their addiction and eventually become another statistic? Not to mention the crime they bring to neighborhoods they call their territory and the disintegration of communities, the housing market, and business economics because of their presence in certain areas? It’s totally a valid way of life and everyone benefits because they “didn’t even do anything”.

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Still, not enough reason, not even close to enough reason to validate the three boys’ actions. They’re cowards, they’re unintelligent degenerates, and they don’t deserve to even see a world outside of prison walls as long as they live. It’s simply despicable, and we must take a look at our society once again. Homeless people and teenage violence remains a serious issue, and yet we still concentrate on miniscule and trendy topics or the issues that plague other countries. Someone needs to set an example, and it starts with New Mexico District Attorney Kari Brandenburg. She needs to prosecute all three boys, as adults, to the fullest extent of the law. There should be no rehabilitation; this wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t a lapse in judgment, it wasn’t a crime of passion, but it was a repetitive form of violence and their actions were premeditated.

From the other end of the degenerate spectrum, Governor Susana Martinez needs to figure out the homeless situation and quickly. If they don’t want to go to a shelter, if they don’t want to get help, if they don’t want to get their life together, then throw them in prison where they would probably be cured of addiction and rehabilitated. Too bad our prisons are full of disobedient, uneducated, and cowardly teenagers that were being raised in a very lenient and sensitive era. Either fix the problem or build a bigger prison; or the other obvious solution: hopefully another continent, about the size of Australia, forms in the middle of the ocean and we can start shipping inmates and homeless out there. The motherland did it once before, why can’t we get back to basics?

Or get that chick from Minority Report.

Min report archive wired com
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Boetel, R. (2014, July 22). Accused teen killers. Albuquerque Journal. Pg. A1.


“The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’, I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.”
-Journey, “Wheel In The Sky”

No one ever said gambling was a good thing, maybe someone did, but behind the facilities to treat problems and activists swaying patrons away from the slots and tables, there’s a lot more at stake than poor life decisions, addiction, and broken families when casinos begin to fail. Seriously, this is all the Indians have, but they’re obviously managing their money correctly by filtering it in and out of the tribe. Sure, it may not make sense; they give the money back to their people who will turn around and put it in a slot machine returning the favor in some weird form of circular logic, but it doesn’t have to make sense if you’re successful. Maybe the rich white man needs to take a lesson.

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Atlantic City, the east coast’s version of Las Vegas, is in dire need of a winning streak, but they many have already lost all they had. Business mogul, Donald Trump, is the recent recipient of another forced closure due to his casino being financially unstable. It makes people wonder how a person that has failing businesses and has declared bankruptcy earns the title of mogul. He gambles a lot, it’s that simple and it’s worked out for him sometimes (last statement may or may not be talking about money used at casinos). Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino plans to shut its doors come September joining the already closed Atlantic Club. It’s also predicted that Revel and Showboat will soon follow suit (pun kind of intended) leaving nearly a fifth of Atlantic City employees out of a job in the upcoming months (Berman, 2014). Even political assistance can’t help them nor can the business “mogul” now. No one is winning at the moment, and New Jersey is seeing red.

Trump and Christie
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The potential closures will also have an effect on Christie’s political campaign for the republican presidential bid. The New Jersey Governor is already answering to critics concerning the state’s failing economy as a whole and the dependence on Atlantic City for revenue and employment. Over 6,000 jobs will be lost along with a huge decline in tourism to the northeastern state. Also, there ‘s growing competition for casino revenue surrounding New Jersey that will lure even more people to other locations such as Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland. Right now New Jersey ranks 49th in private-sector job growth and 38th in unemployment (Weber, 2014). See, casinos do serve good other than being a feeding ground for overweight politicians that may end up eating their feelings.

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Gambling is a serious problem, so is a bad economy. If people don’t make any money they’re less inclined to take their chances with it and that leads to abandon monstrosities taking up space and unemployment. However, then the jobless, the people in real need of money, will take what they have and try to double it at the roulette wheel. Oh the crazy circle of financial unintelligence. What should we do? Support gambling and create jobs for the unemployed though it will cause others to lose everything, or oppose gambling and save the addicts though it will make thousands jobless and they will lose everything? It’s a lose-lose situation, or maybe it could be a win-win. Gambling is confusing. The wheel keeps on turnin’.

Berman, M. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2014/07/14/trump-plaza-is-closing-this-is-just-the-latest-sign-of-atlantic-citys-dramatic-decline/ on July 18th, 2014

Weber, J. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/16/will-trump-casino-closing-other-atlantic-city-woos-burden-christie-potential/?intcmp=latestnews on July 18th, 2014


“Where I was a contender now none of that matters, The kids have new heroes and new dreams to get shattered, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way it went down.”
-Butch Walker, “Day Drunk”

A fight for third became another emotional blowout, and the two best teams squared off for the championship in what was one of the greatest World Cups in the modern era. The end provided joy, but it’s sad for teams to say goodbye to dreams; yet time to accept new sporting heroes.

July 12th, 2014

Netherlands 3 Brazil 0: What a disappointing end to the host’s World Cup dreams. The game started off as if it was going to be very similar to their match a few days before, but it also proved that even if Brazil had Silva on the field against Germany, it still wouldn’t have mattered. Robben drew a foul on Silva “in the box” (surprise surprise) that should have been a red card and Van Persie buried the penalty in the 3rd minute. Blind scored the second Dutch goal in the 17th minute and the tears started flowing from the children in the stands once again. The Netherlands added a late goal by Wijnaldum, and a late goalkeeper sub giving Vorm two minutes of World Cup experience, a somewhat classy move by their coach in his last game at the helm. As for the host, they just weren’t as good as the teams that demolished them into a fourth place finish. Their spirits were down, there was too much pressure, and their hair was way too out of control. However, don’t ignore the most famed country that soccer knows in Russia during the 2018 tournament. Can you imagine how big Luiz’s hair will be by then? Probably Carlos Valderrama status. Wish Neymar a speedy recovery, and thank the Brazilians for hosting a wonderful World Cup.

Holland ibtimes co in
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July 13th, 2014

Germany 1 Argentina 0 (ET): The two best teams of the tournament played the final match. No matter the upsets, no matter the unfortunate bounces or bad luck, the best teams always seem to find a way into their rightful and respective positions. The championship provided fans with masterful skill, great chances, and rarely a mistake (besides Kroos’ almost devastating back header). Towards the end of regulation it seemed that a defensive breakdown would have been the only way a goal could have been manufactured, but it ultimately was a beautiful play and finish late in extra time that gave the Germans their fourth World Cup title, their first since 1990 when they also defeated Argentina. The young Goetze became the hero in the 113th minute and his goal will forever go down in German and World Cup history as one of the greatest. The Argentines played their hearts out and the tears that followed the final whistle only solidified their effort. Messi was awarded the “Golden Ball” trophy, but his expression showed that the award wasn’t a valid consolation. The South American nation should be very proud of what they accomplished, but now they take the short trip home to their southern country and think about how great they will be in four more years. As for the Germans, it’s time to grill up the bratwursts and let the beer flow because the soccer glory and pride stays in Germany for the next four years before they must defend their title in Russia.

Germany v Argentina
Photo courtesy of worldcup.footballtoday.com.au

Every four years this tournament proves why soccer is the World’s sport. It not only represents the game in all its glory, it has immense cultural influence for other countries to experience. Fans from across the world gathered on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to cheer for their team. Beautiful women proudly representing their countries in bikini top form, raucous men waving flags they would use as a cape as well, and children with their nation’s colors painted across their face infested the streets of Brazil. We saw societal protests, labor disputes, and uncertain construction outside the stadium. In the stands, joy could turn to heartbreak in a matter of minutes, excitement was constantly apparent, and even “the wave” became popular again. On the pitch we witnessed blood, sweat, and tears of the men that represented 32 countries fighting for one goal (no pun): A small trophy and the greatest example of pride in the world of sports. We saw balloons on the field, heart-shaped celebrations, upsets, biting, physical play, horrible acting, goals galore, scoreless anxiety, penalty shootouts, stars prove why they’re the best at what they do, stars in the making right before our eyes, incredible feats of athleticism, slow-motion replays that really made people look unattractive and ridiculous, a rivalry renewed, goal line technology, and unnecessary foam. We saw history; countries that had made it further than teams before them had ever ventured, continents proving their growth in the sport, goal differential that hasn’t been so great in almost a century, a home winning streak snapped, the all-time leading goal scorer in World Cup history, and of course, the most tweeted single game in all of sports since social media became popular and ruined everyone’s life.

The United States provided our whole nation with something to root for; something worth believing in on an international soccer level. The sport still remains hard to grasp in America even if it’s the most popular children’s organized activity. After high school, there’s no development, all athletic money goes towards football and basketball which raises the question, will the US ever reach the quality of play the rest of the world exhibits? People that don’t understand the game don’t want to take the time to learn about it. It’s hard to break routine from common sports in America, so hard that some can’t even take one month every four years to follow a tournament that stops wars and brings nations together in one location. It’s not just about soccer, it’s not just about America, it’s about everyone hoping that the ultimate sporting pride will be theirs to hold for almost half a decade.

For one month we fit in with the rest of the world, for one month we were all futbol fans.

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“A jealous passion towards a spirit stuck in contention and fame.”
-Taproot, “Again and Again”

That was more like it; that was a semifinal that everyone expected between two soccer world powers. It was obvious that the match between Brazil and Germany hogged all the goals; the second semifinal game was played with more urgency from both sides and each team provided the fans with excitement and close calls, great ball skill, and fantastic superstars trying their hardest to make plays happen. Also, it was the first semifinal in World Cup history to be scoreless in regulation. We once again reached extra time and beyond. Free soccer again and again, what a glorious tournament.

July 9th, 2014

Argentina 0 Netherlands 0 (Aregentina 4-2 on PK’s): The game was physical and worked in phases. It seemed both teams would offer minutes of offensive frenzies and then it was the next’s turn. Both countries came into the game without being able to manufacture many goals, but superb defense. Argentina had been playing that style all tournament. Who knows when the last minute was that Romero let in a goal (I’m sure someone will figure it out), and nothing changed in the penalty shootout. The Argentine goalkeeper stopped two penalties and the strikers held up their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, Netherlands couldn’t put in Krul, the chess master of penalty kicks, because they had used all three of their substitutes before the shootout began. From one great coaching decision to poor management, they have plenty of time to figure that out after their fight for third place against an angry host. Now it’s time for Messi to reach the level or Maradona so the comparisons will finally dwindle and a new son of Argentina will reign. All he has to do is beat the country that his homeland has met two times before in the World Cup final and were once allies and then enemies during a pretty big event in history. A rivalry renewed and the world receives a great soccer matchup. Evitas vs. Beers, round three.

Photo courtesy of o.canada.com

Championship Slate:
Brazil vs. Netherlands (Third Place Game): Saturday, 4pm EST
Argentina vs. Germany (Championship): Sunday, 4pm EST


“That’s it I quit, And all the targets have been hit.”
-Foxy Shazam, “Bombs Away”

History was made yesterday, and the game will never be forgotten. There are certain matches that are remembered for their outcomes like Brazil’s loss to Uruguay or instances like Maradona’s “Hand of God” against England, but now it’s time to add another stunning event to the history books. No need to offer a spoiler alert because it was such a popular game, but this is what happened: It was the highest scoring World Cup semifinal in history, 29 minutes was the fastest time to score 5 goals, it’s been nearly a century since Brazil lost by six goals, it was the first time Brazil lost on home soil in over 60 matches, Muller became only the second player to score 5 or more goals in consecutive World Cups matching Klose who set the all time record with most goals in World Cup history netting his 16th, and most importantly, 36.5 million tweets made it the most talked about game in the history of social media. I wonder if anyone was counting the amount of tears shed?

July 8th, 2014

Germany 7 Brazil 1: Yes, that is the correct score. This was simply stunning and no one could have expected this outcome. It didn’t matter that Neymar and Silva weren’t playing; Ronaldo and Messi could have became citizens of Brazil and played in this game with a healthy Neymar and Silva and it still wouldn’t have mattered. You could have put Howard in net, and made an all-world team around him and it still wouldn’t have mattered. Germany is a great team; they have stars, but they play as a team which is not the case for other countries who rely on one player. 11 minutes into the game, their “star” scored his 5th of the tournament, then Klose set the record held by a Brazilian in Brazil against Brazil, Kroos added two goals a minute apart, and Khidera added insult to injury by the 29th minute. Schurrle added two in the second half, but Oscar earned some pride back to his country in the 90th minute; Neuer was still upset that he didn’t get the shutout. This was a clinical display of efficient and unselfish soccer, an example of how one team played harder than the other, and how demoralizing one game can be to an entire country. The tears rolled down the faces of women, children, and even men as the beer flowed through the German contingent at the stadium and on the streets back home. Fire up the bratwursts and open a case of Beck’s, but the Germans don’t have this in the bag yet. There are two teams playing today that would love to take down the group that has become public enemy No. 1 in South America.

Germany independent co uk
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“If I traded it all, If I gave it all away for one thing.”
Finger Eleven, “One Thing”

There are certain instances that can change a game: one goal, one mistake, one breakdown, one injury, one lucky bounce, or one great coaching move. 90 minutes pass by, but the game comes down to minutes, seconds, and just one play. The final four is set for the World Cup, nearly as predicted, but it could have gone any other way.

July 4th, 2014

Germany 1 France 0: Nothing says American Independence like watching a game between two countries that the United States was very involved with historically. Didn’t France give us that one statue? Didn’t Germany force us to get involved in some world altercation? Who knows, but the game was once again questionable concerning how these teams have earned their positioning in the tournament. Hummels put the Germans ahead early and for good via a beautiful header off a Kroos set piece in the 13th minute. France had their chances, but the game proved that either the Germans are just doing enough to get by or are bottling in a plethora of goals waiting to be unleashed in front of the South American fans when they play their South American team. Again, who knows, but one thing is for sure, France is heading home to complain about the rest of the world and look at art; or whatever they do on café patios.

Germany telegraph co uk
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Brazil 2 Colombia 1: The host team won, but lost this game. Silva struck early in the first half because of laziness guarding the back post by the Colombians, and then Luiz had one of the most beautiful free kicks you will see: a knuckleball into the upper-v to make it 2-0. The Colombians added a penalty late scored by Rodriguez, but the game was dominated by the Brazilians throughout. However, with hard work comes sacrifice in the form of a broken vertebra to one of the world’s youngest and best players. Neymar’s injury is devastating, and so is Silva’s second yellow card preventing him from competing in the semi-finals. Remember, Muller couldn’t play against Spain in Germany’s semifinal during last World Cup, and that changed the whole dynamic of the game. If the Brazilians lose, they already have their excuse ready; if the Germans lose, they really have no excuse. As for the Colombians, they get to take their excuses across the border back home to a pack of wild hippos. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the deceased drug cartel leader Escobar’s famed actions was creating a zoo on his property. The hippos mated and now there are 16 roaming Colombia. Who would of thought?

Neymar telegraph co uk
Photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

July 5th, 2014

Argentina 1 Belgium 0: No one should be surprised by the score, everyone should be surprised that the goal happened early and not late. It was an evenly played match, but Higuain’s 8th minute strike proved to be the game winner. Was it lack of offense or good defense? Both for Argentina, but they are about to play a very offensive minded team in the Netherlands (spoiler alert for next summary) and can’t afford to try and outscore them. The Argentines and Germans are playing very similar. Not scoring a lot, but not letting many goals in. Could the championship be between two countries that were once overrun by Naz….oh, we should cut that sentence off right there. The fighting chocolate waffles (Red Devils, whatever) played well throughout the whole tournament and Belgian soccer has much to look forward to. There’s a lot more to the small nation than meets the eyes, that is if anyone was really paying attention to them anyway. The status of Belgium is never really a topic of conversation outside of an IHOP or candy store, maybe a brewery.

Argentina v Belgium
Photo courtesy of theguardian.com

Netherlands 0 Costa Rica 0 (Netherlands 4-3 PK’s): In maybe one of the most fantastic and risky coaching moves in World Cup history, the Dutch switched their goalkeepers solely for the penalty kick shootout. Krul came in and saved two penalties, and even guessed correctly on the three that somehow got by the mad genius. They must be putting something in the weed up there in Holland; maybe it does make people smarter? Just kidding, that’s not even funny; it’s stupid. On the losing end, Costa Rica almost did it again. Their miracle run was cut short, but they gave the world a Cinderella and hope for a new country to enter the ring of glory. Sadly, the usual suspects make up the final four once again. Hopefully some of the Costa Rican players get huge international contracts because a nice payday may get them out of Central America. They deserve it; not necessarily the contracts, but to leave. So were all set: the Waxes vs. the Beers and the Evitas vs. the Clogs. South America vs. Europe I guess could work too.

Netherlands v Costa Rica: Quarter Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Photo courtesy of sportal.com.au

Semifinal Slate:
Brazil vs. Germany: TUESDAY 4pm EST
Netherlands vs. Argentina: WEDNESDAY 4pm EST


“I took all the strength I had not to fall apart.”
Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive”

Tension is apparent in the knockout stage. Five out of the eight games reached extra time or penalty kicks, and history proves that none of those teams will win the World Cup. History smistory, it’s obvious that anything can happen at any time in this exciting World Cup so far; just ask Argentina and Belgium. All teams are fighting to survive.

July 1st, 2014

Argentina 1 Switzerland 0 (ET): This game was dominated by the Argentines; they doubled the amount of shots the Swiss took, nearly tripled the corner attempts, and the possession was far in their favor. With that being said, Argentina should have scored well before Di Maria’s goal in the 118th minute. This seems to be the trend though; maybe it’s nerves or maybe other countries are becoming better at soccer, but the power nations are struggling to advance. Yet, they still do and the quarterfinals are shaping up to be what everyone originally thought (except for those pesky Costa Ricans). The Swiss fought hard, even until the last minute where a flurry of attempts nearly sent the game into penalty kicks. The Europeans were just outmatched, but returning to their money, alpine activities, and overall joy in life must be heartbreaking. Or is it? Maybe. Who knows what they’re thinking up there; they’re so on the fence.

Swiss sbnation com
Photo courtesy of sbnation.com

Belgium 2 United States 1 (ET): It’s hard to fathom working so hard with and not receiving the ideal result, but the US should be proud of what they accomplished. Revenge on Ghana, surviving and moving on from the “group of death”, and taking the dark horse of the tournament to the cusp of elimination. Winning the World Cup is extremely difficult, and Klinsmann was right when he said those expectations were unrealistic, but the US took another step in the right direction. As for the Belgians, they survived once again relying on late strikes from De Bruyne and Lukaku during extra time. Maybe it’s their forte, but they should stick to waffles, chocolate, and beer because something has to give against Argentina. Two teams that wait until the very end. We may see the entire roster take penalty kicks in their match next week if that’s the case.

USA mlive com
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Today’s Slate
No games until Friday! See you then, try to find something else to do with your time.