“That’s it I quit, And all the targets have been hit.”
-Foxy Shazam, “Bombs Away”

History was made yesterday, and the game will never be forgotten. There are certain matches that are remembered for their outcomes like Brazil’s loss to Uruguay or instances like Maradona’s “Hand of God” against England, but now it’s time to add another stunning event to the history books. No need to offer a spoiler alert because it was such a popular game, but this is what happened: It was the highest scoring World Cup semifinal in history, 29 minutes was the fastest time to score 5 goals, it’s been nearly a century since Brazil lost by six goals, it was the first time Brazil lost on home soil in over 60 matches, Muller became only the second player to score 5 or more goals in consecutive World Cups matching Klose who set the all time record with most goals in World Cup history netting his 16th, and most importantly, 36.5 million tweets made it the most talked about game in the history of social media. I wonder if anyone was counting the amount of tears shed?

July 8th, 2014

Germany 7 Brazil 1: Yes, that is the correct score. This was simply stunning and no one could have expected this outcome. It didn’t matter that Neymar and Silva weren’t playing; Ronaldo and Messi could have became citizens of Brazil and played in this game with a healthy Neymar and Silva and it still wouldn’t have mattered. You could have put Howard in net, and made an all-world team around him and it still wouldn’t have mattered. Germany is a great team; they have stars, but they play as a team which is not the case for other countries who rely on one player. 11 minutes into the game, their “star” scored his 5th of the tournament, then Klose set the record held by a Brazilian in Brazil against Brazil, Kroos added two goals a minute apart, and Khidera added insult to injury by the 29th minute. Schurrle added two in the second half, but Oscar earned some pride back to his country in the 90th minute; Neuer was still upset that he didn’t get the shutout. This was a clinical display of efficient and unselfish soccer, an example of how one team played harder than the other, and how demoralizing one game can be to an entire country. The tears rolled down the faces of women, children, and even men as the beer flowed through the German contingent at the stadium and on the streets back home. Fire up the bratwursts and open a case of Beck’s, but the Germans don’t have this in the bag yet. There are two teams playing today that would love to take down the group that has become public enemy No. 1 in South America.

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