“A jealous passion towards a spirit stuck in contention and fame.”
-Taproot, “Again and Again”

That was more like it; that was a semifinal that everyone expected between two soccer world powers. It was obvious that the match between Brazil and Germany hogged all the goals; the second semifinal game was played with more urgency from both sides and each team provided the fans with excitement and close calls, great ball skill, and fantastic superstars trying their hardest to make plays happen. Also, it was the first semifinal in World Cup history to be scoreless in regulation. We once again reached extra time and beyond. Free soccer again and again, what a glorious tournament.

July 9th, 2014

Argentina 0 Netherlands 0 (Aregentina 4-2 on PK’s): The game was physical and worked in phases. It seemed both teams would offer minutes of offensive frenzies and then it was the next’s turn. Both countries came into the game without being able to manufacture many goals, but superb defense. Argentina had been playing that style all tournament. Who knows when the last minute was that Romero let in a goal (I’m sure someone will figure it out), and nothing changed in the penalty shootout. The Argentine goalkeeper stopped two penalties and the strikers held up their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, Netherlands couldn’t put in Krul, the chess master of penalty kicks, because they had used all three of their substitutes before the shootout began. From one great coaching decision to poor management, they have plenty of time to figure that out after their fight for third place against an angry host. Now it’s time for Messi to reach the level or Maradona so the comparisons will finally dwindle and a new son of Argentina will reign. All he has to do is beat the country that his homeland has met two times before in the World Cup final and were once allies and then enemies during a pretty big event in history. A rivalry renewed and the world receives a great soccer matchup. Evitas vs. Beers, round three.

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Championship Slate:
Brazil vs. Netherlands (Third Place Game): Saturday, 4pm EST
Argentina vs. Germany (Championship): Sunday, 4pm EST


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