“The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’, I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.”
-Journey, “Wheel In The Sky”

No one ever said gambling was a good thing, maybe someone did, but behind the facilities to treat problems and activists swaying patrons away from the slots and tables, there’s a lot more at stake than poor life decisions, addiction, and broken families when casinos begin to fail. Seriously, this is all the Indians have, but they’re obviously managing their money correctly by filtering it in and out of the tribe. Sure, it may not make sense; they give the money back to their people who will turn around and put it in a slot machine returning the favor in some weird form of circular logic, but it doesn’t have to make sense if you’re successful. Maybe the rich white man needs to take a lesson.

Family Guy
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Atlantic City, the east coast’s version of Las Vegas, is in dire need of a winning streak, but they many have already lost all they had. Business mogul, Donald Trump, is the recent recipient of another forced closure due to his casino being financially unstable. It makes people wonder how a person that has failing businesses and has declared bankruptcy earns the title of mogul. He gambles a lot, it’s that simple and it’s worked out for him sometimes (last statement may or may not be talking about money used at casinos). Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino plans to shut its doors come September joining the already closed Atlantic Club. It’s also predicted that Revel and Showboat will soon follow suit (pun kind of intended) leaving nearly a fifth of Atlantic City employees out of a job in the upcoming months (Berman, 2014). Even political assistance can’t help them nor can the business “mogul” now. No one is winning at the moment, and New Jersey is seeing red.

Trump and Christie
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The potential closures will also have an effect on Christie’s political campaign for the republican presidential bid. The New Jersey Governor is already answering to critics concerning the state’s failing economy as a whole and the dependence on Atlantic City for revenue and employment. Over 6,000 jobs will be lost along with a huge decline in tourism to the northeastern state. Also, there ‘s growing competition for casino revenue surrounding New Jersey that will lure even more people to other locations such as Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland. Right now New Jersey ranks 49th in private-sector job growth and 38th in unemployment (Weber, 2014). See, casinos do serve good other than being a feeding ground for overweight politicians that may end up eating their feelings.

buffet examiner com
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Gambling is a serious problem, so is a bad economy. If people don’t make any money they’re less inclined to take their chances with it and that leads to abandon monstrosities taking up space and unemployment. However, then the jobless, the people in real need of money, will take what they have and try to double it at the roulette wheel. Oh the crazy circle of financial unintelligence. What should we do? Support gambling and create jobs for the unemployed though it will cause others to lose everything, or oppose gambling and save the addicts though it will make thousands jobless and they will lose everything? It’s a lose-lose situation, or maybe it could be a win-win. Gambling is confusing. The wheel keeps on turnin’.

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Weber, J. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/16/will-trump-casino-closing-other-atlantic-city-woos-burden-christie-potential/?intcmp=latestnews on July 18th, 2014


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