“’Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby.”
-Wheatus, “Teenage Dirtbag”

The teenage mind is a whirlwind of emotion. The seven deadly sins probably circulate through their thought process on a daily basis, but rarely are acted upon; except when wrath and envy take complete control for no valid reason at all. Sure, the homeless have it pretty sweet in retrospective: they get to sit around, not work, drink all day, and fall into money they somehow waste quicker than a spoiled blonde hotel heir or mentally unstable pop star, but we all have our demons. Some more than others.

Alex Rios, Nathanial Carrillo, and Gilbert Tafoya are about to experience a similar lifestyle, but without the drinking and falling into money. Prison is likely a lifelong landing spot after they are charged with first-degree murder. The boys brutally killed two Native-American homeless men as they slept and hoped to awake to sobriety and a new day of begging. The beating was so violent that the men were unrecognizable due the constant impact from cinder blocks and poles (Boetel, 2014).

The teenagers will be tried as adults and are charged with two open counts of murder, tampering with evidence, three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and robbery. The high school dropouts admitted to attacking 50 other homeless people within the recent months. The boys would not be eligible for parole until after 30 years served (Boetel, 2014).

Teens assets nydailynews com
Photo courtesy of nydailynews.com

Who is the blame for this unacceptable madness? Bill O’Reilly would certainly say it was because they were “born out of wedlock” or whatever because that seems to be his go to excuse, but quite frankly there were probably no parents involved. The school system obviously didn’t care enough to keep them focused on their studies, their peers were involved in their actions, and bouncing around from family member to family member is tough enough at a reunion let alone a living arrangement.

Did the homeless men deserve it somehow? One of the victims’ friends didn’t understand why on earth they would have been attacked saying, “We didn’t do anything. We just drink and sleep.” I have an idea of why someone would be aggravated, but that’s neither here nor there, and it’s definitely not enough reason to take the life of another person. Seriously, who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly alcoholic vagabond that begs for others semi-hard-earned money in order for them to feed their addiction and eventually become another statistic? Not to mention the crime they bring to neighborhoods they call their territory and the disintegration of communities, the housing market, and business economics because of their presence in certain areas? It’s totally a valid way of life and everyone benefits because they “didn’t even do anything”.

Homeless redpowermedia wordpress com
Photo courtesy of redpowermedia.wordpress.com

Still, not enough reason, not even close to enough reason to validate the three boys’ actions. They’re cowards, they’re unintelligent degenerates, and they don’t deserve to even see a world outside of prison walls as long as they live. It’s simply despicable, and we must take a look at our society once again. Homeless people and teenage violence remains a serious issue, and yet we still concentrate on miniscule and trendy topics or the issues that plague other countries. Someone needs to set an example, and it starts with New Mexico District Attorney Kari Brandenburg. She needs to prosecute all three boys, as adults, to the fullest extent of the law. There should be no rehabilitation; this wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t a lapse in judgment, it wasn’t a crime of passion, but it was a repetitive form of violence and their actions were premeditated.

From the other end of the degenerate spectrum, Governor Susana Martinez needs to figure out the homeless situation and quickly. If they don’t want to go to a shelter, if they don’t want to get help, if they don’t want to get their life together, then throw them in prison where they would probably be cured of addiction and rehabilitated. Too bad our prisons are full of disobedient, uneducated, and cowardly teenagers that were being raised in a very lenient and sensitive era. Either fix the problem or build a bigger prison; or the other obvious solution: hopefully another continent, about the size of Australia, forms in the middle of the ocean and we can start shipping inmates and homeless out there. The motherland did it once before, why can’t we get back to basics?

Or get that chick from Minority Report.

Min report archive wired com
Photo courtesy of wired.com

Boetel, R. (2014, July 22). Accused teen killers. Albuquerque Journal. Pg. A1.


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