“Not satisfied just yet, wanna receive and get.”
-The Hives, “Here We Go Again”

It has begun! Queue Mortal Kombat theme. The great American sport has finally started and people can go back to not paying attention to their families and ignore God for the next 17 Sundays, excluding playoffs of course when fans once again reach out an plead for the almighty’s assistance in a win. God doesn’t mind if you turn your attention to Thursday and Monday night games, with the occasional Saturday evening matchup, Sunday is a different story.

That was pretty over-dramatic considering that the NFL is covered non-stop from Super Bowl to Super Bowl so it’s not like people were paying attention to anything else anyway. After the big game, there were months of recaps, offseason analysis of the negatives each team must address, mock drafts, trades, free agents, contract extensions, coaching changes, retirements, college player profiles, the actual draft, draft grades, positive and negative outlooks, preseason predictions, position competitions, preseason recaps and ridicule, roster cuts, injuries, arrests, drug use, performance enhancers, and all the other glorious things that make football as American as apple pie (served at a football stadium for $13 a slice).

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Of course there are important storylines that must be covered for at least 20 minutes an hour because nothing else was going on in the world of sports except for the NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup playoffs, the entire MLB season, grand slams of Golf and Tennis, the Triple Crown, Sprint Cup chase (NASCAR for the ones that don’t know), and one of the most important tournaments in all of athletics, the World Cup. No, no, no, we need to concentrate on where a potentially sub-par trouble making quarterback lands in the draft, or the constant coverage of a man’s sexual orientation, or which player hit someone in a night club, or which player smoked a bunch of weed, or which player took one too many supplements, or which player was driving drunk, or which player had an altercation with airport security, or which player said some nasty comments via Twitter, or which player channel surfed, or which player took his dog for a walk, or which player used the bathroom more than five times in one day. “There must be something wrong with him, have a reporter standing by behind the shower curtain please.”

I could sit here and type out who Michael Sam and Johnny Football (Manziel) are, but most people already know. I could tell you that the suspensions of Ray Rice, Aldon Smith, Josh Gordon, and Wes Welker are key losses for their teams, but again most people already know because it’s been covered. Let’s talk about what all this really affects.

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Gambling. Though we love to be entertained by American football, we occasionally like to up the ante for personal gain from a financial standpoint, or for family bragging rights which is just as important. Choosing which team wins each game throughout the season is always an easy and fun way to bring family and friends together just so they can be bitter towards one another 17 weeks later. However, competition escalates to another level as individuals take the responsibility of General Manager into their own hands and select a fantasy team, playing someone in their league each week. Sadly, I have taken the plunge into unnecessary stress this year and of course have become addicted to things I have no control of. Let’s start with reality from Week One first.

The Seahawks looked as if they are ready to repeat after Thursday’s domination over Green Bay, and the Broncos appear they’re on a path to set a rematch of last year’s big game as they handled the Colts last night. Everyone else performed as if this was the fifth preseason game (6th for Giants and Bills), but half those teams earned victories somehow. There will be a lot of parody this year in the NFL, don’t be surprised if teams like the Jaguars and Raiders win more games than expected, and don’t be surprised if the Falcons and Texans overcome their horrid seasons from a year ago. Despite what the Broncos and Seahawks showed the league in Week One, there’s plenty of time left for others to make a claim to lift the Lombardi Trophy months from now.

Pending on tonight’s results, my road to a fantasy and weekly pick em’ challenge is off to an average start. I’m just more focused on the mistakes the Redskins made on their way to a below average start. See you in 17 weeks. No calls.


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