“Whatever you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you.”
-Irving Berlin, “Anything You Can Do”

Society is somewhat prone to believe nothing is ever good enough, or nothing is the way it was supposed to be. The truth is we don’t know how it was supposed to be. Maybe by this time in life we were supposed to have already colonized Mars, had mastered time travel, or been flying cars around and getting into DWI accidents in the sky instead of on the ground. I’m sure alcohol has had a direct affect on not making all that happen sooner.

That’s not entirely true; many people are perfectly content and amazed with life as it is today. However, there will always be questions on how the government is run, or what is or is not destroying the youth of society, or how roads are constructed (read Driving: An Unofficial Guide), building placement, moral lessons, the education process, differences in class and social status, costs of anything, blah blah blah. Some people finally decided to do something about it instead of gloat to their friends over late night vices how the world would be a better place if they were running things, and history has done it all wrong so far.

Utopia is a “reality” television program on Fox (who else, right?) that placed a group of strangers in a compound in order to build a “perfect society” in one year. If you can’t work well with someone you know in an office setting or restaurant then how do you expect to work well with a bunch of egotistical know-it-alls? Just like protestors and others with intense opinions that feel they need to be heard, people have already lost interest in just a week’s time (I mean, you lose interest in this blog pretty quick and that’s why I must update it weekly). Ratings are down 28%, and will most likely continue to decline when October playoff baseball begins on Fox (Patten, 2014).

Utopia slate com
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I don’t know why people stopped watching already. From the looks of it, they’re getting a lot done. This is essentially a slap in the face to everyone that has advanced this world the last couple thousand years. All the martyrs and soldiers, the activists that changed the way we view other humans, the engineers, the architects, the inventors, the visionaries, the philosophers, the educators, the entertainers, the athletes, musicians, and the rulers. It doesn’t take one or two people to build a society it takes, well, a society. On the other hand, one or two can definitely tear it down.

Kim and kayne holarsblog com
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If you want to live in a lame place then be our guest. See you in a couple thousand years when you get to this level of development. I’m okay with my electricity, material niceties, college education, athletic events, rock and roll, and easy forms of communication to touch base with family and friends. Please don’t try and contact me, Utopia winner, then again, you won’t be able to. Also, remember your perfect world that’s supposedly built from the ground up is all dependent on luxuries provided by millionaires and network executives and ratings based on others’ interest, so essentially you’re not proving anything anyway. Good luck!

Patten, D. (2014) Retreived from on September 22 2014


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