“Cos I’m a brat, And I know everything, And I talk back, Cos I’m not listening to anything you say.”
-The Living End, “Prisoner Of Society”

From time to time, celebrities attempt to put their opinions above the public’s general likes and dislikes. Maybe it has to do with the psychological need for attention, or maybe they just believe they’re larger than life, but there’s a time and a place.

Kayne and taylor people com
Photo courtesy of people.com

Remember when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the pointless 2009 MTV Video Music Awards or whatever they’re called (not just that certain broadcast, all the years are pointless)? You should, it’s in the picture above. Well he did it again, and to a much more established artist in the music industry at a much more prestigious awards show. Though it may not have been as intense as the last time, he did subtly offer insults afterwards about how people need to recognize true art.


Let’s take a look at the two true artists centered in Kanye’s opinion.

-Beck: 12 Studio Albums, 12 national and international recognized award, and plays more than 12 different instruments.

-Beyonce: 5 Studio Albums, around 200 national and international awards, and is learning the guitar and plays a little keyboard.

A tweet from Brian Clark (@brianclark) read, “Beyonce: 27 writers and 19 producers, Kanye: 49 writers and 25 producers. Beck: 1 writer, 1 producer.”

I personally think Beyonce has been “recognized plenty and Beck is a true artist, but I may be wrong. He was able to appreciate the situation claiming, “[Kanye] He deserves to be onstage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right? You can’t please everybody, man. I still love him and think he’s genius. I aspire to do what he does (Glenza, 2015).” That was very nice of the album of the year winner, but Kanye was coming up to support Beyonce I thought? Speaking of, what the hell does Jay-Z think of these shenanigans? I, as many normal men would, think someone has a crush on a certain somebody. Of course, the popular rapper/musician/producer/whatever else you can put on a resume even if you did it just once, explained, “It was kind of a joke – like the Grammy’s themselves (Glenza, 2015).”

To support Mr. West (this may be one of the few times), I bet if the Grammy’s happened every five years no one would even know the difference. The same performers play, the same people are nominated, and LL Cool J, though he never seems to age somehow, has become a permanent host for all we know and will be forever. It has almost developed into insignificance because not even the musicians are happy with the outcome anymore, speeches are becoming more critical, and everyone has to collaborate. Though there’s usually an outcry of disappointment by fans that their favorite didn’t take home the small iconic trophy, at least the committee gives awards to artist who deserves it the most.

Sam smith hollywoodreporter com
Photo courtesy of Hollywoodreporter.com

Music is changing, as it always does. Each generation, no matter how strange the composition sounds to the generations before, is defined by a certain style and superstars. A horrible example of musical recognition was displayed by the youth after a Kanye performance that featured Paul McCartney. They tweeted, or whatever the hell it is they do now (something easier and requires even less attention probably) that they didn’t know of Paul McCartney, but now he is going to “blow up”; or how they love Kanye for helping unknown artists like McCartney get noticed. If you’re going to say your generation’s music is the best, at least be aware of what came before; but still, not even being able to recognize what of the greats who has spanned musical generations for over fifty years? You must be pretty dumb regarding the topic you claim to know so much about and “love”.


Glenza, J. (2015).Retrieved from http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/feb/11/kanye-west-upstaging-beck-a-joke-like-grammys-themselves on February 16, 2015



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