“There’s something wrong with the world today, I don’t know what it is.”
-Aerosmith, “Livin’ On The Edge”

The world is well aware that trends seem to repeat themselves. Music is adapted from some other form, clothing and styles become popular again, films are remade, and medieval punishments are revived. You know, all the common things; the simple niceties in life. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned slew of beheadings to get everyone riled up and confused about the state of the world.

The video in bad taste, we all know that people aren’t pets, however, we do need to address the ISIS killings. People must remember that this isn’t just happening to Americans, they are targeting everyone everywhere and at anytime. What better time to join forces rather than threaten each other with World War III? Execution via brutal beheadings, burning men alive, suicide bombings, non-suicide bombings, and anything else that’s considered grotesquely chaotic should be considered a worldly priority. We must think of the families of James Foley (USA), John Cantile (England), Sergey Gorbunov (Russia), Federico Motka (Italy), David Cawthorne Haines (England), Daniel Rye Ottosen (Denmark), Didier Francois (France), Edouard Elias (France), Toni Neukirich (Germany), Nicolas Henin (France), Pierre Torres (France), Steven J. Sotloff (USA), Kayla Jean Mueller (USA), Marc Marginedas (Spain), Javier Espinosa (Spain), Ricardo Garcia Vilanova (Spain), Peter Kassig (USA), Alan Henning (England), and other aid workers from Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and Peru (and this is just so far) (Yourish, 2015). They’re even killing their own people in Iraq and Syria. However, when Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was burned alive, action was taken.

Jordan decided to answer back by immediately hanging two ISIS prisoners and performing airstrikes on the terrorist group’s resources. As retired United States Army Major General James Marks said, “It needs to be a relentless aggressive attack.” There can be an emotional connection, but consistency is also key (Botelho, 2015). They’re breaking the world down so we need to break them down. No one wins when emotion comes into play though, just ask any teenage-minded couple. King Abdullah even pledged (apparently behind closed doors) that Jordan will continue their attack until they run out of fuel and bullets (Fox News, 2015). Let’s hope that’s not the case.

I must mention a miniscule frustration from these brutal slayings and situational terror: Archer can no longer use the name ISIS in the show. It’s the sole reason I never took the group seriously, but now we must. Things just got really serious.

Photo courtesy of moviepilot.com

It’s quite disappointing how everything affects everything; everyone loses. For example: The Interview not being released because of North Korea. Well, apparently the movie was awful, like not even one-star, so it could have just been a publicity stunt by Seth Rogen. If you think about it, how can a country that barely has internet access (that we know of) develop super hackers? On the other hand, maybe the ISIS situation is just some kind of sick way other cultures express their interest in Game of Thrones. Just kidding, they won’t get into that program for about twenty years from now.

Photo courtesy of thegeekiary.com

This is a disgrace. Not Dumb and Dumber, not Archer, not The Interview, and not Game of Thrones, but the state of the world. The worst part is that this is going to be happening for a long time because it’s already been going on for a gillion years (maybe like 3000), so when the United States forces its involvement it’s like rebellious teenagers telling everyone they have the answers and they can solve all problems. The diplomatic banter from the United States is typical, we say we’re going to act upon something that happened, but then it takes us a few years to sort out the emails and approvals, wait for certain staff members to get back from vacation, make sure an outspoken 1% percent of the public will be satisfied with the decision, and then we finally think about advancing on a response. It took Jordan a day to answer.

This is a war on terror, not a war against terrorists. Remember George W. Bush said that, of course you didn’t because you hated him for being a spoiled Republican, but he was 100% right. If you defeat ISIS, the mentality is going to be there and then another “ISIS” will spawn. As long as you keep letting them win, there will never be true consequence, and terror and evil already has doubt in the actions of the countries that claim to be the all-powerful and all-knowing good in this world. We’re certainly living on the edge, and the powers that be can make the necessary changes, it’s just a matter of time of when and if they’re willing.


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