“I’ve gone to lame brain.”
-Static-X, “I’m With Stupid”

It takes a lot to appall this world; well, in a fictitious sense that is. I truly believe after this week that people aren’t as desensitized as they claim to be, they aren’t as free-spirited as they make others believe, and they aren’t as hip as the trends and obsession with snobbish pretension they display accompanied by their common deepness. They’re just fucking stupid.

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, sometimes that is, but I am witnessing the decline of common sense now on a daily basis. I am going to point out three instances that have happened this week from a personal standpoint to a political standpoint to a worldly standpoint.

Instance First: This Broad.


I took this picture while in Dallas over the weekend. This girl was posing so her friends could take a picture of her while reflecting. She and the rest of her group were not from this country. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Memorial is not an attraction, it is a symbol of a very sad time in America’s history. I found this to be incredible disrespectful, and it was solely for self-image purposes. In addition there are two X’s on the street to mark where JFK was shot. People were running out, avoiding traffic I may mention, to the fatal X to pose for a picture, smiling as if this was a joyous occasion they could share on social media. Stupid.

Instance Second: This Douche.


Mr. Trump, the Pope isn’t trying to start a fight with you. He’s not Kayne West, no matter what Kayne thinks, and you’re not Taylor Swift. He cares about overcoming indifferences, and when he says “building walls is not Christian” like you claim yourself to be, he’s absolutely right! Just keep on losing more and more support while you keep promising things that you won’t be able to do, taking advantage of the public’s current mindset by offering shock value. You’re a joke. The Pope being “disgraceful”? Are you seriously serious? Stupid.

Instance Third: This Bull Shit.

Dolphin US weekly

People in Argentina passed around this baby dolphin, which was taken from the water I will add, so they could take selfies with it. The dolphin died during the photo shoot. If you don’t think this is wrong then don’t bother reading the rest of the post and skip to the last two sentences. Stupid.

Instance Honorable Mention: Kayne West (kind of again) and the Academy Protestors (including white people so I’m not labeled a racist even though I will be anyway because I am sure no one is paying attention to what I’m saying now just like they don’t gather all the information they need to make a valid point, but merely a superficial one).

Fuck you. That will be another post if I have some time to waste.

We aren’t desensitized because we watch things like Game of Thrones, of course we can accept violence and gore in fantasy and fiction, we’re just plain stupid because it has consumed us. We aren’t free and hard-nosed because we express our opinions via social media, we have just lost touch and courage with social living and replaced it with social networking. Our lives are completely public, our complaints are constantly shared no matter how outlandish and pointless they sometimes are, our feelings are exposed making us seem like a bunch of pussies and the sympathetic, who are one in the same, encourage this behavior. We don’t let the youth learn about defeat anymore in sports, we shelter our children, hindering their life experiences and leaving them deprived later on, we blame everything on everyone else, and we have become stuck in a fantastical bubble, guarded by our own comfort.

I’m about to date myself, but I remember a time when we didn’t have cell phones or the internet to talk to people which made close friendships actually meaningful and not disposable, entertainment was for more sacred, if we missed a scheduled program we would have to wait 10 years for TBS or TNT to show the reruns, and we were punished for making a mistake, not defended and then coddled. Now were in constant contact with people we know nothing about, recording and streaming every last second to become lost in emotion and fiction, and the public has been overrun with a sense of entitlement which is completely undeserved. I even have friends my age who have completely lost touch with social interaction when they used to be butterflies, substituted their street smarts with trendy gullibility, their common sense has turned to uneducated support of causes that don’t affect them in any way, shape, or form, their mystery is a now an ordinary open book, and their uniqueness has been lost in the confines of chic and ironic conformity. All for what? Our self-image? Making sure everyone sees how different, deep, and great we are, bragging about our individual stance with the other billions who do the same? The world has lost its damn mind. We’re not stronger, we can’t take or accept more just because we read shit like Fifty Shades of Grey or don’t flinch when someone loses their brains on The Walking Dead. In fact, we can take less and we’re more sensitive than ever before. So take your false reflection and self-proclaimed brilliant creativity, take your quarrels with morality, valid or not, and take your dolphin pictures and go straight to Hell.

And to take away your only argument… I can go to Hell as well.



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