“Get up, stand up, stand up for your right.”
-Bob Marley, “Get Up, Stand Up”

DISCLAIMER: Everyone is not questioning Colin Kaepernick’s right to freedom of speech or the ability to express himself.

Good, great, we got that out of the way. Please feel free to find another argument as you read along. We’re becoming a very closed-minded society though we boast the fact how we’re all free spirits and open to anything and a white hipster hanging out with a slightly-tanner hipster or reading an article about something different signifies being cultured. If one thing is one way, everything incorporated with that thing is exactly the same. Wait, that sentence doesn’t make sense (linguistically)? Exactly.

Colin Kaepernick, the flavor of the year (or two) until professional defensives and coordinators figured him out quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, publically decided to announce that he would not stand during the National Anthem due to his frustrations with the treatment of minorities in America, and followed through. That’s nice, what a swell guy. The thought is certainly there, and the issue remains strong as well, however, the way he approached it was in poor taste. I’m entitled to my opinion as well, remember? Of course not, it’s all about him and I’m wrong to think differently, and that’s exactly what he wants. The media feeds this attention-grabbing stunt; I even noticed last night on the NFL Network ticker that they were announcing hours before the start of the 49ers-Chargers preseason match that they would air the performance of the National Anthem. Who gives a shit? Seriously! Before that the act in question was the cartoon pig sporting a cop’s cap on the quarterback’s socks during practice; this over-analysis of silliness was completely blown out of proportion, forcing Colin to explain that he wore the socks during training camp and before he made his public stance (or sit I should say). If he never said anything to begin with then no would care, no one would even notice he was sitting during the National Anthem. This is a selfish act to gain publicity; he wants to make people believe that if he gets cut from the team that this is the only reason why.


The National Football League is a business, perhaps the most business-like of any professional sport, and the reason he would be cut is because he is an overpaid and underachieving player who if wasn’t on the team could free up salary space for rookies, teammates, and free agents wanting to play football instead of preach about political injustices during the season, and was flirting with unemployment even before this unpatriotic exploit. On the other hand, sitting during the National Anthem certainly doesn’t help, not because he’s not allowed to express his opinions, but because it shows he’s not a good teammate and his agendas are more important than the success and progression of a franchise. He’s bigger than everyone essentially, but there’s a time and a place or another way to go about things. If I went to one of our customer’s locations and told them they weren’t allowed to gamble on our slot machines because I disagree with Vietnam even though I wasn’t alive during the time, know little about it, and just kind of think that war kind of sucks, then my boss would fire me because I am being detrimental towards my company’s reputation. Those would be the actions of someone with a closed and uninformed mind.


He’s a role model and it’s almost like he’s preaching anarchy to the youth who haven’t even been given the opportunity to understand why this country is a great place to live. It’s pathetic they’re growing up in this time of over-exposure and sensitivity. If you weren’t aware, Colin Kaepernick is adopted. He grew up comfortably and was given opportunities to succeed which he did, and you’re probably aware that he made millions of dollars in the NFL which defines success because becoming a professional athlete is one of the rarest career achievements in the world. Without the adoption system in place here in the states, without the lifestyle his parents provided for him, and without the luxuries that we as Americans take for granted then none of his success would have happened.

“Hey Colin, thanks for not standing up during the National Anthem. I read about it in the newspaper I sleep under. It’s really helping. Sorry I have to run, but I’m going to go find some drainage to drink and wash up in. I bet you sleep so well in your mansion at night, and you know what, you deserve it because you’re such a great guy. Well, off to try and find some work. Maybe the 49ers are looking for a quarterback?”

DISCLAIMER: Colin Kaepernick donated $1 Mililion to charities supporting racial equality (after he got heat from this form of protest of course).

It’s a complete disrespect to a nation that really isn’t that bad in comparison to the rest of the world. It’s disrespectful, to you, me, the people who fought for this country, the people who have developed the United States into a powerhouse in a short amount of time, the people who have made progress in civil liberties while horrific injustices are still presently apparent in other countries, and the people who stand together singing America’s fight song. When that tune rings we’re all simply Americans; it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, red, yellow, a woman, a man, a child, a senile elder, gay, straight, transgender, legal, or illegal; if you’re here and you’re contributing then we are on an equal playing field. Don’t segregate to make people aware of segregation; we all know what’s going on, we’re already aware, and we’re disappointed and sickened at times, but we’ve come a long way and it could definitely be a lot worse.

Listen, a handful of police instances do not account for the millions of properly executed (bad word choice) arrests and detainments. The ratio is so askew there is really not even an argument if you actually think about it. So think outside the fucking box! Think of the past advancement and the future consequences, think of all the other officers who protect, serve, and do their job correctly, think of how safe you actually are. One person doesn’t represent an entire group, that’s the beauty of being such a unique population. If I were to think that way then because my brother-in-law is married to a half-Indonesian woman then that means everyone’s brother-in-law is married to a half-Indonesian woman. Well, that’s a bad example because I’m his brother-in-law and am also married to a half-Indonesian woman. How about this: every professional football player is a self-centered pretentious asshole. Sorry, Drew Brees, I don’t care what you did for the city of New Orleans, you must be a dick like Colin Kaepernick because you also play quarterback.

See how dumb and closed-minded that way of thinking is?

DISCLAIMER: Sarcasm aside, Drew Brees seems like he’s a pretty great guy.



Colin Kaepernick kneels during the national anthem after fans boo him