WBG State of the Union: It’s Finally Over!

“You better pledge your allegiance, You’re not the only one, Listen up forefathers, I’m not your son.”
-The Orwells, “Who Needs You”

So why are you still talking about it? To begin, I think we can all be relieved that ads won’t be interrupting our other ads on television anymore, our favorite shows won’t be put aside for election coverage, and our mailboxes won’t be full of wasted paper (sorry about all that, Jill Stein).

Now, I would like to explain that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican; I’m a registered Independent which many third-party supporters can’t even claim. I voted for Gary Johnson, and am proud to say so. Many decided to tell me how I was throwing away my vote by supporting the Libertarian candidate, but I’m an American citizen and one of my rights is that I can vote for whomever I wish. I supported his policies – given there were also some I disagreed with – more than Donald’s or Hilary’s; it’s that simple so how am I throwing away my vote? Is it because I’m not voting how you want me to vote or supporting who you support? Let me dumb it down and put it in sports terms:

Person: Do you follow baseball?
Me: Yeah.
Person: Who’s your team?
Me: The Orioles.
Person: You shouldn’t like them.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they don’t have a chance to ever win. You’re just wasting your support on losers. You should like the Yankees or the Red Sox.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they’re the best two options.
Me: Why?
Person: Just because!
Me: Why?
Person: Ahh! Stop saying why! Because the media and other people tell me to like them, plus they have good histories.
Me: What are you talking about? The Red Sox were cursed for like a million years, and it was because of the Yankees.
Person: Just support who I tell you support or you’re throwing away your fandom.
Me: Do you know any of their players right now? Do you know any of their past statistics?
Person: No. But I do know they win a lot.
Me: I know more about them than you.
Person: Yeah right! They also have African-Americans on their teams. If you don’t like them, you’re racist.
Me: First, you may be confusing African-Americans with people from the Caribbean. Second, my favorite player on the Orioles is black.
Person: Ha! You’re racist.
Me: How do you figure?
Person: You called him black.
Me: You really don’t pay attention or know what you’re talking about, do you?
Person: Shut up. Just do what I say or I’m going to pout and pretend I’m more intelligent than you.
Me: Why?
Person: Damn it, you’re so stupid!!

Maybe that actually wasn’t dumbing it down, but then again, I’m the stupid one. What we found out last night wasn’t so much that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, we discovered that the division in this country is much too high and the system needs a lot of work. Hilary supporters, or Democrats in general, will bring up that she one the popular vote. That’s great, but she had .05% more support than Donald. That’s absolutely nothing. Johnson had a higher percentage of support than that gap, even Jill did. All this proved is that we all can’t get along.

What disappointed me in the country the most, and deterred me away from democratic supporters, was the amount of complaints and dramatic responses to the results. I mean, I complain a lot, but shit. Democrats had their man for the last eight years, and they certainly took advantage, but within the almost-decade I have never seen so many protests, so many personal issues being brought to the table, so much violence in the streets, so many disagreements, and so much division. And the people protesting were primarily liberals! I’m all for equality and helping out people, but the country has adopted a spoiled mindset, and now since they didn’t get what they wanted, they didn’t get what they already had – you know, all the stuff they still didn’t think was good enough – they are pouting and freaking out. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that things aren’t free so when you’re giving everyone something you’re taking away from others, and it’s not just the rich who are being ransacked. There needs to be some balance. I’m glad I don’t have Facebook, but someone on my wife’s page actually posted, “I’m going to do everything I can do get [Donald] out of office.” Seriously? The guy hasn’t even been president for a day, hasn’t even been inaugurated, hasn’t even done a damn thing and we’re trying to impeach him? How is that a mature, reasonable reaction to anything? I realized that democratic people, though they self-proclaim themselves to be free spirits, free thinkers, and societal saviors, are actually very closed-minded selfish individuals. It’s quite ironic. The other side isn’t any better though.

The republicans got what they want. They wanted change, but kind of have things return back to the way they were which makes little sense. We need progression as a society, and we have that, so there is no point to look in the rearview mirror. Look at all we have abolished and achieved in the last century. I mean, the Cubs won the World Series! Things are looking bright these days… or Hell has frozen over. There’s no winning in winning. Donald is not an ideal choice, but he has been chosen. Two things that the analysts brought up last night is that non-educated white men voted for Trump which is a really stupid statistic to repeat considering that I know educated white men who voted for him, educated women who voted for him, educated minorities who voted for him, and so on; and so many people voted for a candidate out of dislike for their opponent. And I’m the one throwing away my vote, right? Warning to republicans: don’t ruin the opportunity to change things for the better by reverting to the past or it will be short-lived.

Prediction: Trump doesn’t build a wall, doesn’t really do anything because Congress will control him and the American people will sabotage his presidency, until his comb-over and thin-skinned personality get in the way. It may be a pointless four years, but it’s something different nonetheless, and maybe a bigger change is on the horizon.


P.S. Americans, don’t move to Canada. It’s quite peaceful; I really enjoy it up there and don’t want you ruining it by becoming a resident.


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