An Observation Concerning… Things Celebrities Say.

“’Cause I just wanna be famous, be so fucking jaded.”
-Puddle of Mudd, “Famous”

Prior to this post, I assume it would be in my best interest to offer a disclaimer. Therefore, I do not mean the following two examples to target all celebrities, but rather only some.

First, when Missy Elliot says, “If you want to make an album, make an album,” in the latest Honda campaign on television, it makes me think that this is why people are dumb and entertainment is suffering from a lack of quality. This isn’t really her fault, but more the car company’s doing. It’s not easy to make an album, that’s why there are way more starving musicians in the world than successful ones. It’s easy for someone who has thrived to say something like that. In addition, this may be the philosophy behind modern music trends and why good albums are very rare nowadays. Trust me, I’ve suffered through many on Spotify. At least tell people the truth, Missy. “If you want to make an album, make an album, but there’s going to be years and years of hard work, sacrifice, and a complete change in life and personal relationships just for the chance of maybe being successful for a brief period in your life.”

Second, I saw a headline after the tragic Manchester bombing that read, “Katy Perry says, ‘We need to co-exist’.” Great, wonderful, no shit, Katy. I’m not sure if I should be upset with the singer, or the journalist for writing the teaser. I heard ISIS decided to stop terrorizing people because they really got the message now that the pop star made it clear. All those bumper stickers that half the world has plastered onto their car the last couple decades didn’t mean anything until she said something. Of course we need to co-exist, and guess what, we kind of already do because there are a plethora of beliefs and races scattered all over this overpopulated world. Celebrities have the keen ability to take incredibly generic sayings and make their followers believe that the philosophy is now validated because it came from their mouths. Remember, they are paid to entertain, not necessarily to be themselves. With that in mind, who exactly are we listening to? A person or a character?

We tend to forget that celebrities are some of the most overzealous, delusional people in the world, and yet we hold on to their every word and take their advice and opinions to heart. Why? Most of them are richer than the people they claim to relate to and seclude themselves behind iron gates so those very people don’t interact with them – they are their own 1%. They seem to always be in destructive relationships, addicted to something, in a therapy session, having suicidal thoughts, constantly craving attention, or living out of a bus, plane, and hotels for half the year. Hell, actors and actresses aren’t even in their right mind for months at a time because they are consumed by a role or a ridiculous religion. Long story short, you should instead listen to your parents, your family and friends, your educated leaders, whatever higher power you believe in, or yourself and you’ll be okay… and don’t listen to me.


An Observation Concerning… Trump, Liberals, and the In Between (me).

“The newspaper says to get bent, Man I’d like to say that to the President.”
-Wheatus, “Hump’em ‘n Dump’em”

I’m a registered independent – and as the aggravating whining continues, it validates my decision to not select a party over a decade ago. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump as a person, but I do believe he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself as a president so I don’t want to label him a failure yet.

I’m an equal opportunist concerning politics: I dislike everyone. We’re currently in the middle of a feud that has more to do with the power and competition of overseers and their supporters than a unified nation. I saw two articles this week that irked me a bit. This is why I have a blog: so I can complain to absolutely no one in particular. First, someone was kicked off a plane (big surprise; it’s like a thing now), but was sporting a Make America Great Again hat. Instead of supporting the elderly gentleman’s unruly behavior like everyone always does in these dumb situations, people were shouting, “Lock him up!” So, Trump supporters should be detained just because, but belligerent sex- and drug-trafficking doctors should win law suits? Second, I was appalled when I saw that Notre Dame Students booed Vice President Mike Pence before his commencement speech at graduation. It’s one thing to dislike and blame everything on President Trump, but insulting the Vice President – who will become president if Trump is impeached by the way – proves one thing: it’s not about Trump, but the Republican Party. This proves three other things: Liberals want a democratic dictatorship which contradicts itself, are actually more closed-minded than conservatives which is strange to think, and are insufferably sensitive while disrespecting the entire government unless they get what they want.

In addition, I recently heard a 20-something friend of mine joke by saying, “… not in Trump’s Nazi book-burning country.” I thought about that statement and realized how incredibly insensitive and offensive it was, and they are a liberal person. I’m not saying it was offensive to Trump, but I’m saying that it’s offensive to people of Jewish faith. To compare what is happening in America now to the Nazi regime is completely and utterly stupid.

Jewish Person: “The Holocaust was awful.”
Liberal: “I know exactly how you feel. Trump is president. I don’t think there has ever been a more racist person.”
Jewish Person: “Hitler tried to exterminate my race from the planet. He is responsible for the death of six million Jewish people.”
Liberal: “You just don’t get it. We’re basically going through the same thing.”
Jewish Person: “Huh?”

Pathetic. My father used to live in Germany as a child and one thing he mentioned to me that I will always remember was that when passing by old camp locations there was a certain smell that still lingered years after the Holocaust, a scent of decay. It is despicable and disgraceful to even joke about that.

Maybe we should start thinking more about who we consider to be deplorable and uneducated.


P.S. Please take note that I’m NOT specifically referring to Democrats as Liberals. You’re smart; I’m sure you figured that out.

WBG State of the Union: It’s Finally Over!

“You better pledge your allegiance, You’re not the only one, Listen up forefathers, I’m not your son.”
-The Orwells, “Who Needs You”

So why are you still talking about it? To begin, I think we can all be relieved that ads won’t be interrupting our other ads on television anymore, our favorite shows won’t be put aside for election coverage, and our mailboxes won’t be full of wasted paper (sorry about all that, Jill Stein).

Now, I would like to explain that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican; I’m a registered Independent which many third-party supporters can’t even claim. I voted for Gary Johnson, and am proud to say so. Many decided to tell me how I was throwing away my vote by supporting the Libertarian candidate, but I’m an American citizen and one of my rights is that I can vote for whomever I wish. I supported his policies – given there were also some I disagreed with – more than Donald’s or Hilary’s; it’s that simple so how am I throwing away my vote? Is it because I’m not voting how you want me to vote or supporting who you support? Let me dumb it down and put it in sports terms:

Person: Do you follow baseball?
Me: Yeah.
Person: Who’s your team?
Me: The Orioles.
Person: You shouldn’t like them.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they don’t have a chance to ever win. You’re just wasting your support on losers. You should like the Yankees or the Red Sox.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they’re the best two options.
Me: Why?
Person: Just because!
Me: Why?
Person: Ahh! Stop saying why! Because the media and other people tell me to like them, plus they have good histories.
Me: What are you talking about? The Red Sox were cursed for like a million years, and it was because of the Yankees.
Person: Just support who I tell you support or you’re throwing away your fandom.
Me: Do you know any of their players right now? Do you know any of their past statistics?
Person: No. But I do know they win a lot.
Me: I know more about them than you.
Person: Yeah right! They also have African-Americans on their teams. If you don’t like them, you’re racist.
Me: First, you may be confusing African-Americans with people from the Caribbean. Second, my favorite player on the Orioles is black.
Person: Ha! You’re racist.
Me: How do you figure?
Person: You called him black.
Me: You really don’t pay attention or know what you’re talking about, do you?
Person: Shut up. Just do what I say or I’m going to pout and pretend I’m more intelligent than you.
Me: Why?
Person: Damn it, you’re so stupid!!

Maybe that actually wasn’t dumbing it down, but then again, I’m the stupid one. What we found out last night wasn’t so much that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, we discovered that the division in this country is much too high and the system needs a lot of work. Hilary supporters, or Democrats in general, will bring up that she one the popular vote. That’s great, but she had .05% more support than Donald. That’s absolutely nothing. Johnson had a higher percentage of support than that gap, even Jill did. All this proved is that we all can’t get along.

What disappointed me in the country the most, and deterred me away from democratic supporters, was the amount of complaints and dramatic responses to the results. I mean, I complain a lot, but shit. Democrats had their man for the last eight years, and they certainly took advantage, but within the almost-decade I have never seen so many protests, so many personal issues being brought to the table, so much violence in the streets, so many disagreements, and so much division. And the people protesting were primarily liberals! I’m all for equality and helping out people, but the country has adopted a spoiled mindset, and now since they didn’t get what they wanted, they didn’t get what they already had – you know, all the stuff they still didn’t think was good enough – they are pouting and freaking out. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that things aren’t free so when you’re giving everyone something you’re taking away from others, and it’s not just the rich who are being ransacked. There needs to be some balance. I’m glad I don’t have Facebook, but someone on my wife’s page actually posted, “I’m going to do everything I can do get [Donald] out of office.” Seriously? The guy hasn’t even been president for a day, hasn’t even been inaugurated, hasn’t even done a damn thing and we’re trying to impeach him? How is that a mature, reasonable reaction to anything? I realized that democratic people, though they self-proclaim themselves to be free spirits, free thinkers, and societal saviors, are actually very closed-minded selfish individuals. It’s quite ironic. The other side isn’t any better though.

The republicans got what they want. They wanted change, but kind of have things return back to the way they were which makes little sense. We need progression as a society, and we have that, so there is no point to look in the rearview mirror. Look at all we have abolished and achieved in the last century. I mean, the Cubs won the World Series! Things are looking bright these days… or Hell has frozen over. There’s no winning in winning. Donald is not an ideal choice, but he has been chosen. Two things that the analysts brought up last night is that non-educated white men voted for Trump which is a really stupid statistic to repeat considering that I know educated white men who voted for him, educated women who voted for him, educated minorities who voted for him, and so on; and so many people voted for a candidate out of dislike for their opponent. And I’m the one throwing away my vote, right? Warning to republicans: don’t ruin the opportunity to change things for the better by reverting to the past or it will be short-lived.

Prediction: Trump doesn’t build a wall, doesn’t really do anything because Congress will control him and the American people will sabotage his presidency, until his comb-over and thin-skinned personality get in the way. It may be a pointless four years, but it’s something different nonetheless, and maybe a bigger change is on the horizon.


P.S. Americans, don’t move to Canada. It’s quite peaceful; I really enjoy it up there and don’t want you ruining it by becoming a resident.

100% of Media Disagrees with 90% of Polls

“Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory, Braves on the Warpath, Fight for old D.C.!
-Barnee Breeskin, “Hail to the Redskins”

I am a Washington Redskins’ fan. I am White. I find it incredibly unnecessary to specify my ethnicity, but in a society where it’s almost a requirement to be race-sensitive in order to be heard then I figured I might as well. The recent poll proving that 90% of Native-Americans are not offended by Washington’s nickname was eye-opening (once again). However, what I believe to be more eye-opening is the fact that the media continues to make this a prominent issue when, like me, not one of the more vocal personalities seems to be Native-American. I will throw this out while I’m on that topic: why aren’t there any Native-American analysts on-air? I feel we’ve come to a point in society where that is a serious question, if not, then that’s another topic to be discussed. Annoying, isn’t it?

The main issue I have with this, amongst others, is that it seems people are telling Native-Americans how to think. They’re saying they should be offended by this racial slur. In essence, and contradictory to what most of these media members preach, they’re actually offending Native-Americans in that regard. Stop telling them what to think; especially considering 90% of them just said how they thought! I live in New Mexico, a state where the Native-American population is one of the highest in the nation, and I’ve never once heard the word “Redskin” spoken with racist intention; I’ve never heard it muttered unless it involved how the franchise performed over the weekend, or what their upcoming season will be like, or being sullied by the mouths of rival supporters (there are a lot of Cowboys’ fans in this region as well).

“Redskin” was a racial slur, there is no denying the fact, but is it now? Well, let me rephrase before people get in a huff, is it even used now? I will reiterate that New Mexico has the 4th largest Native-American population in America and I’ve never heard the word used as a slur. Of course, I am not everywhere at all times and cannot vouch for others, but I do know that their beautiful culture is respected and preserved here, my best friend in high school was Native-American, I have other acquaintances who are also tribe members, and most importantly I have been on Reservations and Pueblos, not the section where casinos and resorts rest, but the actual places people live, and I will say that the condition of part of their territory is the real issue. Their poverty, their health problems, their employment, their education is what should be of concern, not an ethnic insult that is frowned upon by people not even of the race, not even troubled with something that has now been proven to be of little concern to the people it’s directed towards. The media should be ashamed; if they truly cared about Native-Americans and aren’t trying to hide their personal agendas or gloat how great they are for caring about all cultures, then maybe they should take a look at issues that are truly affecting other races, not what will get them ratings because they are attempting to appease the trendy issues.

One more thing before I wrap this up, many Native-Americans in New Mexico cheer for the Washington Redskins. Do people ever consider that? [We’re] going to tell them how to think, and then [we’re] going to take away the football team they follow, forcing what is a relatively poor community into purchasing new merchandise because the name is more suitable for [us]. Gee, sounds like we really know what’s best for everyone. There are bigger things going on than what the media tells us is important.

I understand people have dealt with horrible things in the past, injustices that should have never happened, and some still do in select situations. I understand we drive, as we should, for everyone to be equal (at least I believe that to be the intention), as we should be. To take away one of the few arguments directed at this post: I am not a racist. I have Native-American friends, African-American friends, Hispanic friends, gay friends, lesbian friends, liberal friends, conservative friends, my stepmother and her sons are Jewish, and my wife is half-Indonesian and Muslim. I’m not saying that to boost my cultural status, all I’m saying is that I’m just a normal person who supports a normal football team that has been around longer than the last time “Redskin” was meant to negatively target someone (outside of fan frustration of course)*. Please feel free to shift my words around to make it seem that this was in poor taste instead of a plea to change the tone of the discussion. Whatever is easiest.



*Opinion of writer; based on 33 years of life experience and local knowledge of culture. I am not one to speak for the Native-American people, however. Here are a couple of sites if interested in learning about Native-American culture in New Mexico.


“I’ve gone to lame brain.”
-Static-X, “I’m With Stupid”

It takes a lot to appall this world; well, in a fictitious sense that is. I truly believe after this week that people aren’t as desensitized as they claim to be, they aren’t as free-spirited as they make others believe, and they aren’t as hip as the trends and obsession with snobbish pretension they display accompanied by their common deepness. They’re just fucking stupid.

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, sometimes that is, but I am witnessing the decline of common sense now on a daily basis. I am going to point out three instances that have happened this week from a personal standpoint to a political standpoint to a worldly standpoint.

Instance First: This Broad.


I took this picture while in Dallas over the weekend. This girl was posing so her friends could take a picture of her while reflecting. She and the rest of her group were not from this country. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Memorial is not an attraction, it is a symbol of a very sad time in America’s history. I found this to be incredible disrespectful, and it was solely for self-image purposes. In addition there are two X’s on the street to mark where JFK was shot. People were running out, avoiding traffic I may mention, to the fatal X to pose for a picture, smiling as if this was a joyous occasion they could share on social media. Stupid.

Instance Second: This Douche.


Mr. Trump, the Pope isn’t trying to start a fight with you. He’s not Kayne West, no matter what Kayne thinks, and you’re not Taylor Swift. He cares about overcoming indifferences, and when he says “building walls is not Christian” like you claim yourself to be, he’s absolutely right! Just keep on losing more and more support while you keep promising things that you won’t be able to do, taking advantage of the public’s current mindset by offering shock value. You’re a joke. The Pope being “disgraceful”? Are you seriously serious? Stupid.

Instance Third: This Bull Shit.

Dolphin US weekly

People in Argentina passed around this baby dolphin, which was taken from the water I will add, so they could take selfies with it. The dolphin died during the photo shoot. If you don’t think this is wrong then don’t bother reading the rest of the post and skip to the last two sentences. Stupid.

Instance Honorable Mention: Kayne West (kind of again) and the Academy Protestors (including white people so I’m not labeled a racist even though I will be anyway because I am sure no one is paying attention to what I’m saying now just like they don’t gather all the information they need to make a valid point, but merely a superficial one).

Fuck you. That will be another post if I have some time to waste.

We aren’t desensitized because we watch things like Game of Thrones, of course we can accept violence and gore in fantasy and fiction, we’re just plain stupid because it has consumed us. We aren’t free and hard-nosed because we express our opinions via social media, we have just lost touch and courage with social living and replaced it with social networking. Our lives are completely public, our complaints are constantly shared no matter how outlandish and pointless they sometimes are, our feelings are exposed making us seem like a bunch of pussies and the sympathetic, who are one in the same, encourage this behavior. We don’t let the youth learn about defeat anymore in sports, we shelter our children, hindering their life experiences and leaving them deprived later on, we blame everything on everyone else, and we have become stuck in a fantastical bubble, guarded by our own comfort.

I’m about to date myself, but I remember a time when we didn’t have cell phones or the internet to talk to people which made close friendships actually meaningful and not disposable, entertainment was for more sacred, if we missed a scheduled program we would have to wait 10 years for TBS or TNT to show the reruns, and we were punished for making a mistake, not defended and then coddled. Now were in constant contact with people we know nothing about, recording and streaming every last second to become lost in emotion and fiction, and the public has been overrun with a sense of entitlement which is completely undeserved. I even have friends my age who have completely lost touch with social interaction when they used to be butterflies, substituted their street smarts with trendy gullibility, their common sense has turned to uneducated support of causes that don’t affect them in any way, shape, or form, their mystery is a now an ordinary open book, and their uniqueness has been lost in the confines of chic and ironic conformity. All for what? Our self-image? Making sure everyone sees how different, deep, and great we are, bragging about our individual stance with the other billions who do the same? The world has lost its damn mind. We’re not stronger, we can’t take or accept more just because we read shit like Fifty Shades of Grey or don’t flinch when someone loses their brains on The Walking Dead. In fact, we can take less and we’re more sensitive than ever before. So take your false reflection and self-proclaimed brilliant creativity, take your quarrels with morality, valid or not, and take your dolphin pictures and go straight to Hell.

And to take away your only argument… I can go to Hell as well.



“Believe in all the good things, That money just can’t buy.”
-Aerosmith, “Eat The Rich”

photo courtesy of

Despite the confidence we all had going into Wednesday’s drawing, the certainty that we, against the 1 in 292 million odds, would be the one who was lucky enough to have their life change in an instant, only three remained victorious. Three? Pssh, if I can’t have all the billions I don’t want it anyway! The three victors hail from California, Florida, and Tennessee respectively. They each have chosen to remain anonymous for the time being (as in the writing of this sentence), but they should continue to keep it a secret for the rest of their lives. However, when someone drops a $200,000 tip at the local Waffle House then maybe questions will start to surface. They could actually probably just buy the chain diner for cheaper than that. Come to think of it, I could probably do so as well, I have about $1,000 saved.

These three claimants, when they choose to cash in, have the excruciating decision of taking the lump sum of $983.5 million split three ways or they can each take a multi-year annuity to receive the full $528.8 million they won. First world problems, people, and now three more have 1%-er problems.

The winning numbers were 08, 27, 34, 04, 19 and the Powerball was 10. My wife and I had three of those numbers scattered across six tickets. What is that worth? Can I have a share? Seriously, is a couple million two much to ask for? It is actually, and the jackpot is just too much money in general, but before the balls jumped around and were sucked out and revealed (that sounds inappropriate), all the believers and dreamers already had a plan of where their money would go. Here’s what I would do:

-My parents could finally stop working.
-My sister would no longer have student loans.
-My family and close friends would be taken care of.
-My future children would have accounts in their name, but can’t touch the money until they get their first job after college. Then, my kids’ kids and their kids’ kids would all be taken care of in a similar way.
-I would invest.
-I would save.
-I would start a non-profit, and my wife another for respective causes we deemed necessary to support.
-I would start an animal protection/environment non-profit in my friend’s name so he can shut up and stop pushing his annoying agenda and act on his plan to save the world.
-Then I would probably donate like 90% of it.

A couple of things: Thing first, I did not indicate that I would buy anything; thing second, how the hell could I give 90% of it away? I wouldn’t have anything for myself! Actually I would still have almost $53 million left which is still way too much money. However, I don’t know what goes into it all so I would talk to an attorney and a financial advisor and also take the multi-year annuity. What the hell is someone going to do with that lump sum if they took it all at once? It’s not like your mattress is that big to stuff it in. Or maybe you can buy a mattress that big!

Proceeds from purchased tickets already go towards certain things like education, and federal and state governments before and after (jerks). Wouldn’t it be nice (good Beach Boys’ song) if the government would have won? No, but I’m still interested in where you’re going with this. They could pay off .008% of our National Debt. Geez, that’s pathetic.

I believe Powerball should implement a rule where a certain amount of your winnings should be dedicated to charities. However, you just can’t tell people what to do? Who am I? The government? Well, I do have student loans, a mortgage, and a car payment. Ah, the American way: Debt. My wife observed how many people won’t donate their money under normal circumstances, but when there is a chance to better their lives they have this extra cash all of a sudden. We’re missing out on a lot of things here, and the money needs to land in the hands of people who will make good decisions with it. This is money that could change the world as well as one’s life. You don’t need this much money; 99.9% of the world will probably never reach that cumulative amount in their lifetime, even some countries won’t even accumulate that much. My advice, from one non-winner to the next, is to truly think about what the money could be used for if you made no life alterations after receiving the funds. It’s tough to not fantasize about things you want instead of realizing what others desperately need. It has taken me many potential jackpots, years and years to come to the above list (a couple paragraphs ago) for when I win. However, I’m starting to lose confidence.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

Good luck!



“Welcome to a new kind of tension, All across the alienation.”
-Green Day, “American Idiot”

America has proven that we’re a tense and intense nation. I’m not a psychologist, though I did minor in the subject in college which obviously certifies me as a professional despite my previous claim, but if I were to analyze the root of something as common as road rage then I would simply blame the sense of entitlement we have grown to believe we’ve earned. See, I can be just as vague as someone you pay $200/hr to analyze why you lashed out as a teenager when it was obviously rebellious angst most individuals go through during that phase of their life. Get over the fact that you couldn’t date the person you wanted to date and that your parents fought. Welcome to the club. I have a PayPal account if you would like to deposit this session’s fee; anytime will work.

Two recent road rage incidents have provided a dark cloud over the mental stability of American drivers. The first was an incident involving a motorcycle in Dallas. On October 17th, 2015, 68-year-old William Crum purposely (it’s a blog, I can make assumptions) ran a couple on a motorcycle off the asphalt as the rider tried to pass two vehicles on a two-lane road outside of Granbury, TX. Both riders were injured and Crum was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (cars are bigger than guns). The motorcyclist, Eric Sanders suffered abrasions, and passenger Debra Simpson was moved out of the ICU and is considered to be in stable condition after deep lacerations on her arm as well as a broken wrist. Crum exclaimed that he “didn’t care” as witnesses approached him immediately after the incident, explaining that Sanders was trying to pass him on double-yellow lines. His story later changed saying a wasp or spider or some insect that probably would not be just chilling in a person’s lap while driving bit him. I believe he was just  upset he was getting passed, and stubbornness is part of road rage. Everything is bigger in Texas, especially egos and lies.

William Crum starcasm net
Courtesy of Starcasm   

He sure looks like someone who can be trusted. You’re more than welcome to find the video, it’s all over the interweb and if you’re reading this blog you probably have some time on your hands. The second occurrence happened yesterday, October 20th in Albuquerque, NM when a driver on I-40 opened fire on another vehicle for an incident moments earlier on the road, shooting and killing a four-year-old girl. APD Chief Gorden Eden said, “This is a complete disrespect of human life.” I don’t think anyone could put it any better. However, it’s disappointing that New Mexico banished the death penalty because whoever committed this heinous act deserves nothing more than to die. Some could probably put it a little better than that, but that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking the same thing. The suspect remains at-large because as of now not one person is stepping up and providing vital information regarding this case. If we’re going to sit here and believe that no one saw the confrontation on one of the busiest east-west interstates in the country then maybe there is reason to bring up the issue of gun control again, but not on the level the government is recently debating. Maybe it’s not the fact that stupid people are using guns, maybe just a majority of the country is stupid and can’t handle the responsibility of a deadly weapon. It’s our right to bear arms and I support our constitution, but our founding fathers didn’t take into consideration that we bear idiots as well.

ABQ latimes com
Courtesy of LA Times

The humorous yet serious essays in the book Driving: An Unofficial Guide (available on Amazon) will help you understand the psyche behind these losers on the road. You should buy it; just a suggestion so we don’t get too serious now.

We want power, but we can’t handle it. We have people in our country who hide within their state-of-the-art machines and feel indestructible, or they cower behind deadly weapons believing just carrying around a piece validates ultimate respect from everyone. It’s simply pathetic. Where do we get this sense of entitlement that we know the law better than the law, or feel that we are allowed to take matters into our own hands, or deserve respect based off image and our conception of common sense that is solely influenced by learned behavior in a small, yet unfortunately all-too-common, setting. You know who else thinks they know everything and believe they can decide what is right or wrong: those teenagers whose parents are paying Psychologists $200/hr to state the obvious. The only problem is that the uneducated who are taking matters into their own hands are humans who never developed properly. It’s not a road rage problem or a gun control problem; it’s a societal problem.