An Observation Concerning… Fat Shamers and Fatties.

“Your butt is wide, well mine is too, Just watch your mouth or I’ll sit on you.”
-Weird Al Yankovic, “Fat”

It’s safe to say we live in a world of hypocrites and trolls, the petty and the inconsiderate, the scared and the sheltered. I could go on forever, but everyone is content in their safe zone and no one is paying attention.

However, there are plenty of others whom people seem to obsess about on a daily basis – and then insult them for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for insulting people, but I’m more of a traditionalist and prefer face to face confrontation or strategically-placed opinions that will eventually be passed on to the person whom it is intended for. Disclaimer: there’s really no chance I will meet anyone I talk about on this blog because they wouldn’t waste their time finding me.

I think society is mentally-ill. We make things public on purpose without common sense, get incredibly hurt by comments and reactions, and then somehow preach the way life should be (which is ironically the opposite of how said person initial acted) during a rebuttal. Let’s focus on people who have been labeled fat shamers.

Until Microsoft removes that stupid red line underneath shamers that makes me feel unintelligent then I will offer a definition: Shamers- Uninformed Pretenders. When it comes to fat shamers, I don’t think they actually know what fat is. Unless they are from the Southeast or Wisconsin. Come to think of it, I guess most of America has a good idea of what fat is based on just walking in public and/or staring in the mirror. There’s a point, trust me. Obviously not everyone is fat, but there are a lot of overweight and imperfect bodies in the country whether that is self-inflicted or beyond someone’s control, but there are also a lot of people insulting others who appear heavy. To sum up, a lot of people have no room to talk (or move around comfortably).

Before I state the following, I must inform the handful of people who accidently came to this site that this is the only form of social media I am on and get my irrelevant news through headlines on sites like Yahoo. With that being said, people calling Ariel Winter or Rihanna fat is beyond ridiculous for two reasons. Reason first, people desperately need lives. Reason second, they aren’t fat! There’s a difference between them and you. They have one unflattering candid picture and tons of flattering shots. You can’t get your license picture right even after prepping all day for the photo. And how long does it take for you to get the right selfie to post?

On the contrary, from a psychological standpoint, maybe people like Winter and Rihanna are incredibly self-conscious about their weight (duh). Jabbing back and forth with trolls is a waste of time for two reasons. Reason first, celebrities desperately need lives. Reason second, referring to someone as a fat shamer while in an argument is only implying that you think you are, in fact, fat.

We’re all at fault here. Winter is not even close to being obese, but she gives women who truly struggle with weight an unrealistic view on life. It reminds me of when heavy women compare themselves to Marilyn Monroe. Do you know what curves actually are? How are you being you while offering a delusional comparison. I’m not trying to be mean, but have you ever researched her weight or seen a picture of the icon? Next, Rihanna should know very well that she isn’t overweight – for the longest time I thought she was unhealthily thin – so she should just ignore the envious. I mean look what happened when she talked back to Chris Brown; she needs to be careful. Lastly, people need to just stop concentrating on pointless drivel (like this blog) and stop acting like idiots. I’m an idiot shamer I guess. Who am I to judge?

Pope Francis says that. You can’t shame the Pope, so why not just accept that fact that no one is perfect.


An Observation Concerning… Things Celebrities Say.

“’Cause I just wanna be famous, be so fucking jaded.”
-Puddle of Mudd, “Famous”

Prior to this post, I assume it would be in my best interest to offer a disclaimer. Therefore, I do not mean the following two examples to target all celebrities, but rather only some.

First, when Missy Elliot says, “If you want to make an album, make an album,” in the latest Honda campaign on television, it makes me think that this is why people are dumb and entertainment is suffering from a lack of quality. This isn’t really her fault, but more the car company’s doing. It’s not easy to make an album, that’s why there are way more starving musicians in the world than successful ones. It’s easy for someone who has thrived to say something like that. In addition, this may be the philosophy behind modern music trends and why good albums are very rare nowadays. Trust me, I’ve suffered through many on Spotify. At least tell people the truth, Missy. “If you want to make an album, make an album, but there’s going to be years and years of hard work, sacrifice, and a complete change in life and personal relationships just for the chance of maybe being successful for a brief period in your life.”

Second, I saw a headline after the tragic Manchester bombing that read, “Katy Perry says, ‘We need to co-exist’.” Great, wonderful, no shit, Katy. I’m not sure if I should be upset with the singer, or the journalist for writing the teaser. I heard ISIS decided to stop terrorizing people because they really got the message now that the pop star made it clear. All those bumper stickers that half the world has plastered onto their car the last couple decades didn’t mean anything until she said something. Of course we need to co-exist, and guess what, we kind of already do because there are a plethora of beliefs and races scattered all over this overpopulated world. Celebrities have the keen ability to take incredibly generic sayings and make their followers believe that the philosophy is now validated because it came from their mouths. Remember, they are paid to entertain, not necessarily to be themselves. With that in mind, who exactly are we listening to? A person or a character?

We tend to forget that celebrities are some of the most overzealous, delusional people in the world, and yet we hold on to their every word and take their advice and opinions to heart. Why? Most of them are richer than the people they claim to relate to and seclude themselves behind iron gates so those very people don’t interact with them – they are their own 1%. They seem to always be in destructive relationships, addicted to something, in a therapy session, having suicidal thoughts, constantly craving attention, or living out of a bus, plane, and hotels for half the year. Hell, actors and actresses aren’t even in their right mind for months at a time because they are consumed by a role or a ridiculous religion. Long story short, you should instead listen to your parents, your family and friends, your educated leaders, whatever higher power you believe in, or yourself and you’ll be okay… and don’t listen to me.


An Observation Concerning… Trump, Liberals, and the In Between (me).

“The newspaper says to get bent, Man I’d like to say that to the President.”
-Wheatus, “Hump’em ‘n Dump’em”

I’m a registered independent – and as the aggravating whining continues, it validates my decision to not select a party over a decade ago. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump as a person, but I do believe he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself as a president so I don’t want to label him a failure yet.

I’m an equal opportunist concerning politics: I dislike everyone. We’re currently in the middle of a feud that has more to do with the power and competition of overseers and their supporters than a unified nation. I saw two articles this week that irked me a bit. This is why I have a blog: so I can complain to absolutely no one in particular. First, someone was kicked off a plane (big surprise; it’s like a thing now), but was sporting a Make America Great Again hat. Instead of supporting the elderly gentleman’s unruly behavior like everyone always does in these dumb situations, people were shouting, “Lock him up!” So, Trump supporters should be detained just because, but belligerent sex- and drug-trafficking doctors should win law suits? Second, I was appalled when I saw that Notre Dame Students booed Vice President Mike Pence before his commencement speech at graduation. It’s one thing to dislike and blame everything on President Trump, but insulting the Vice President – who will become president if Trump is impeached by the way – proves one thing: it’s not about Trump, but the Republican Party. This proves three other things: Liberals want a democratic dictatorship which contradicts itself, are actually more closed-minded than conservatives which is strange to think, and are insufferably sensitive while disrespecting the entire government unless they get what they want.

In addition, I recently heard a 20-something friend of mine joke by saying, “… not in Trump’s Nazi book-burning country.” I thought about that statement and realized how incredibly insensitive and offensive it was, and they are a liberal person. I’m not saying it was offensive to Trump, but I’m saying that it’s offensive to people of Jewish faith. To compare what is happening in America now to the Nazi regime is completely and utterly stupid.

Jewish Person: “The Holocaust was awful.”
Liberal: “I know exactly how you feel. Trump is president. I don’t think there has ever been a more racist person.”
Jewish Person: “Hitler tried to exterminate my race from the planet. He is responsible for the death of six million Jewish people.”
Liberal: “You just don’t get it. We’re basically going through the same thing.”
Jewish Person: “Huh?”

Pathetic. My father used to live in Germany as a child and one thing he mentioned to me that I will always remember was that when passing by old camp locations there was a certain smell that still lingered years after the Holocaust, a scent of decay. It is despicable and disgraceful to even joke about that.

Maybe we should start thinking more about who we consider to be deplorable and uneducated.


P.S. Please take note that I’m NOT specifically referring to Democrats as Liberals. You’re smart; I’m sure you figured that out.

An Observation Concerning… Chris Cornell and Grunge Music.

“I was lost in the pages, Of a book full of death, Reading how we’ll die alone, And if we’re good, we’ll lay to rest, Anywhere we want to go.”
-Audioslave, “Like A Stone”


The world lost a rock icon on May 17th, 2017. Chris Cornell. The Soundgarden/Audioslave front man was found unresponsive in his MGM Grand hotel room after a performance in Detroit. The initial report is that he hanged himself in what is believed to be a suicide.

Suicide. We need to really look at this word – not to influence, but to study. Cornell was one of what I consider to be the Big 5 of grunge rock, a leader in the early-90’s movement that captured an audience that desperately needed a relation. Of those Big 5 only one remains since Cornell’s unexpected passing, and that is Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Unexpected. We need to really look at that word as well concerning this situation. An unexpected suicide.

Kurt Cobain shot himself on April 5th, 1994. Layne Staley overdosed on April 5th, 2002. Scott Weiland overdosed on December 3rd, 2015. Chris Cornell hanged himself on May 17th, 2017. Eddie Vedder has turned out to be seemingly normal. By the book it can be recorded that only two of these deaths were actual suicides, but I disagree. Staley was mentally ill, and it’s no coincidence his overdose happened on the anniversary of his good friend and fellow pioneer’s death. Weiland had been flirting with death for decades, and knew where his road full of abuse would lead.

These men weren’t junkies; they were incredibly talented but troubled individuals. I grew up in the 90s and it wasn’t the best time for the mind. I look at these emo kids and listeners today, these bands who whine and complain, but – and this isn’t a bad thing in the least – I don’t believe them. Cobain, Staley, Weiland, and Cornell didn’t do what they did to become rock stars, they did it because they needed it. The lifestyle certainly had an influence on their actions, but the decade was very lonely, very chaotic, and very overlooked, and the self-loathing lyrics of these men epitomized the attitude of the youth – and their life behind the scenes was exactly what they sang about: it wasn’t an act and success was not their main prerogative. Music was their release, and their music was our release and we found assurance in the fact that we weren’t alone. With that being said, who but their peers could they relate to? Who was singing to them? They were the pinnacle of depression and internal demons, and when they lost each other, the temple crumbled. However, their legacy will always live on.

So take the next week to listen to Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden. Reminisce on an era of music that spoke to a generation and shaped the world of rock, listen to the lyrics, understand the madness, and thank these gentlemen for their contributions. They deserve nothing less.

Cheers, guys. Thank you.


An Observation Concerning… The 2017 NBA Finals.

“I’m free to bore my well-bought friends, And spend my cash until the end, ’cause I’m bored!”
-Iggy Pop, “I’m Bored”


What an absurd suggestion. Who would think of such madness? A lot more people than you would believe. One of the greatest things about sports is that it is unscripted and there are no re-runs – in this case, classic games do not count, and neither do soccer matches with a time difference, and don’t even try to argue the fact that because you saved a game on your DVR and watched it after it was over or watched it again counts. However, the NBA is the one league where power has become unbalanced and results are as predictable as taxes and old people complaining about something.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are once again on an unentertaining collision course for the 2017 NBA Finals. This will be the third year in a row this matchup has taken place, and the seventh Finals appearance in row for LeBron James. If I watched a television program where the seasons and finales were always the same then I would get bored and soon the network would pull the show because ratings will drop. So what’s the difference here? This will sound awful coming from a sports fan, but I have failed to watch an entire NBA game this year – regular and postseason. With that being said, I already knew that the Cavs and Warriors would again meet in the Finals. No, I’m not psychic (even though that would be pretty cool) and yes, I’m aware that a fat lady hasn’t yet performed in the San Antonio Spurs’ and Boston Celtics’ respective locker rooms, but when the point differential in the first three Conference Finals games averages 17 points between squads, it’s a little unrealistic to think otherwise.

With the fact that NBA teams will now be sporting companies on their jerseys next season to increase revenue via tacky advertising, I can only assume that the league is failing. Considering the current trends of resting superstars during primetime matchups and overloading two out of the 30 rosters with the best talent to guarantee victory, it’s definitely a program that has lost its luster. Dear Commissioner Silver, either fix the league, or take your broadcasts to Netflix so viewers can binge watch the boring predictability of what was once fantastic and competitive entertainment.


WBG State of the Union: It’s Finally Over!

“You better pledge your allegiance, You’re not the only one, Listen up forefathers, I’m not your son.”
-The Orwells, “Who Needs You”

So why are you still talking about it? To begin, I think we can all be relieved that ads won’t be interrupting our other ads on television anymore, our favorite shows won’t be put aside for election coverage, and our mailboxes won’t be full of wasted paper (sorry about all that, Jill Stein).

Now, I would like to explain that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican; I’m a registered Independent which many third-party supporters can’t even claim. I voted for Gary Johnson, and am proud to say so. Many decided to tell me how I was throwing away my vote by supporting the Libertarian candidate, but I’m an American citizen and one of my rights is that I can vote for whomever I wish. I supported his policies – given there were also some I disagreed with – more than Donald’s or Hilary’s; it’s that simple so how am I throwing away my vote? Is it because I’m not voting how you want me to vote or supporting who you support? Let me dumb it down and put it in sports terms:

Person: Do you follow baseball?
Me: Yeah.
Person: Who’s your team?
Me: The Orioles.
Person: You shouldn’t like them.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they don’t have a chance to ever win. You’re just wasting your support on losers. You should like the Yankees or the Red Sox.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they’re the best two options.
Me: Why?
Person: Just because!
Me: Why?
Person: Ahh! Stop saying why! Because the media and other people tell me to like them, plus they have good histories.
Me: What are you talking about? The Red Sox were cursed for like a million years, and it was because of the Yankees.
Person: Just support who I tell you support or you’re throwing away your fandom.
Me: Do you know any of their players right now? Do you know any of their past statistics?
Person: No. But I do know they win a lot.
Me: I know more about them than you.
Person: Yeah right! They also have African-Americans on their teams. If you don’t like them, you’re racist.
Me: First, you may be confusing African-Americans with people from the Caribbean. Second, my favorite player on the Orioles is black.
Person: Ha! You’re racist.
Me: How do you figure?
Person: You called him black.
Me: You really don’t pay attention or know what you’re talking about, do you?
Person: Shut up. Just do what I say or I’m going to pout and pretend I’m more intelligent than you.
Me: Why?
Person: Damn it, you’re so stupid!!

Maybe that actually wasn’t dumbing it down, but then again, I’m the stupid one. What we found out last night wasn’t so much that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, we discovered that the division in this country is much too high and the system needs a lot of work. Hilary supporters, or Democrats in general, will bring up that she one the popular vote. That’s great, but she had .05% more support than Donald. That’s absolutely nothing. Johnson had a higher percentage of support than that gap, even Jill did. All this proved is that we all can’t get along.

What disappointed me in the country the most, and deterred me away from democratic supporters, was the amount of complaints and dramatic responses to the results. I mean, I complain a lot, but shit. Democrats had their man for the last eight years, and they certainly took advantage, but within the almost-decade I have never seen so many protests, so many personal issues being brought to the table, so much violence in the streets, so many disagreements, and so much division. And the people protesting were primarily liberals! I’m all for equality and helping out people, but the country has adopted a spoiled mindset, and now since they didn’t get what they wanted, they didn’t get what they already had – you know, all the stuff they still didn’t think was good enough – they are pouting and freaking out. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that things aren’t free so when you’re giving everyone something you’re taking away from others, and it’s not just the rich who are being ransacked. There needs to be some balance. I’m glad I don’t have Facebook, but someone on my wife’s page actually posted, “I’m going to do everything I can do get [Donald] out of office.” Seriously? The guy hasn’t even been president for a day, hasn’t even been inaugurated, hasn’t even done a damn thing and we’re trying to impeach him? How is that a mature, reasonable reaction to anything? I realized that democratic people, though they self-proclaim themselves to be free spirits, free thinkers, and societal saviors, are actually very closed-minded selfish individuals. It’s quite ironic. The other side isn’t any better though.

The republicans got what they want. They wanted change, but kind of have things return back to the way they were which makes little sense. We need progression as a society, and we have that, so there is no point to look in the rearview mirror. Look at all we have abolished and achieved in the last century. I mean, the Cubs won the World Series! Things are looking bright these days… or Hell has frozen over. There’s no winning in winning. Donald is not an ideal choice, but he has been chosen. Two things that the analysts brought up last night is that non-educated white men voted for Trump which is a really stupid statistic to repeat considering that I know educated white men who voted for him, educated women who voted for him, educated minorities who voted for him, and so on; and so many people voted for a candidate out of dislike for their opponent. And I’m the one throwing away my vote, right? Warning to republicans: don’t ruin the opportunity to change things for the better by reverting to the past or it will be short-lived.

Prediction: Trump doesn’t build a wall, doesn’t really do anything because Congress will control him and the American people will sabotage his presidency, until his comb-over and thin-skinned personality get in the way. It may be a pointless four years, but it’s something different nonetheless, and maybe a bigger change is on the horizon.


P.S. Americans, don’t move to Canada. It’s quite peaceful; I really enjoy it up there and don’t want you ruining it by becoming a resident.

Traveling Abroad With Your Mother and Wife… What Could Go Wrong?

“[Fiddle Solo]”

Surprisingly, not as much as one would think, but still, if there were no issues during the whole trip then I’m doing something wrong or simply lying. I don’t like doing things wrong, and I don’t like liars – and I don’t like hypocrites for that matter.

I know that sharing one’s journey abroad does not appeal to many; especially on a site that doesn’t truly bring in travel readers. Quite frankly, it doesn’t bring in many readers at all so we might as well add some more variety to the madness. However, we love experiences and life so there’s always a relation. However to the however, maybe there is a broad interest in going abroad, but the post can have two reactions: appreciation or jealously. Okay, there are probably other reactions, but if you want a list of those I encourage you to visit a psychology website instead or a random blog. Read this first though – or don’t, the stats have already been recorded.

As the title suggests, I just ended a vacation with my mother and wife. We went to Ireland, the Emerald Isle where drunkards and leprechauns roam free. That’s not entirely true, but certainly stereotypical. The first night was dedicated to my wife and I as we stayed in Dublin after arrival. My mother had traveled alone a few days earlier and if you ever get the chance to meet her then be sure there will be a dialogue – more like a monologue – concerning the struggles of being a 70-year-old woman traveling alone. Plus some bathroom talk. Anyway, my wife and I did not sleep on the flight over as suggested by experienced travelers and then made our way to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour after checking into our hotel. Exhaustion, hunger, and beer don’t go well together, but totally worth it. A fresh pint turned out to be the best remedy. The only downfall was that my wife ordered a Guinness beef stew for lunch because she was famished, but she does not drink beer, does not like stew, and is not obsessed with potatoes. Why did she even come, right? For many reasons!


We walked around Dublin and appreciated the ambiance of the city, the old streets and buildings, the crowded areas and plethora of pubs before returning to our hotel for an early rest. The next day we rented a car and I am not pleased with Hertz, but that’s a personal problem. We navigated to the Kilmainham Gaol and toured the cells and execution yards before grabbing some delicious grub and heading to Adare where my mother was now situated in our cottage rental. Driving on the other side of the road (if you’re American) is not as difficult as one would think. Driving in the backcountry of Ireland though is a different story for someone not used to such tight two-lane roads that are really as wide as one, high speed limits for unknown reasons, and curves masked by trees, bushes, and stone walls.

That was the story of our trek to Ballylongford the following day. My mother’s great grandparents were both from this small town that could have been missed if we blinked. Heritage was one of the reasons for this trip, and now we have a better idea of where we come from; it’s quite the feeling to understand how roots from one tree can span so far, and how spoiled Americans are in comparison. We continued on to a lovely beach town, Ballybunion, and enjoyed the Atlantic during sunset (it’s on the west side out there you know). A wall of a castle stands on the coast as a reminder of how old the country is and how powerful the ocean waters can be. A beautiful day of discovery and perspective.


The next day we had an earlier start and visited Bunratty Castle and the boutiques in Ennis on our way to the Cliffs of Moher. Of course, it was foggy and visibility was not guaranteed, but my wife said we’ve come this far so we might as well wait it out. God, I love her. Through the mist and dampness the gray lifted and one of the most glorious sights of my life appeared. The beauty, the immensity, the mystic atmosphere was amazing and it makes you feel like a lesser spec standing atop just a small part of the world.


Our last day in Adare my mother and I golfed. Check that off the list. We celebrated at a pub with live music which we did every evening in the quaint and picturesque country town and rested. The following morning we were off to Dublin once again to spend our final day and night of the trip. We toured the Writer’s Museum which is wonderful and lets you appreciate the great literary talent and works that have derived from the island. Next, the Leprechaun Museum which was a great hour of entering another world and enjoying great storytelling, learning about culture and folklore. We shopped, we strolled, we listened to wonderful street music, and my last dinner in Ireland was bangers and mash, a cold pint of Guinness, and a warm shot of Jameson.

As you may have noticed, nothing really went wrong. So what’s with the title? My mother and wife move at a different pace which was difficult to maintain, it was stressful at times navigating the country with gasps of worry coming from the backseat and reminders of how there needs to be a bathroom available at any time, and there was skepticism that a bond would be more difficult to create between the two main women in my life (my sister is a close third of course). There were times where I wanted to freak out because of the stress, but I kept telling myself, “Calm down, you’re in Ireland.”

That’s the key: enjoy the positive and accept the negative. There will always be drama, there will always be pessimism, but there is also balance. Everything worked out in the end and this was an amazing trip; I highly recommended visiting this wonderful county of beautiful landscapes, rich heritage, nice people, and great fare and drink. Lastly, respect tradition, embrace your legacy, and love your family; it’s worth it no matter what. Slainte!



P.S. For a more detailed account please feel free to contact me. Again, this isn’t a travel site, but this was just a nice recap to a meaningful life experience. Something to be appreciative and jealous toward.